V810i Mini : Advanced 3D X-ray Inspection System (AXI)

World's fastest AXI speed for 100% test inspection, best resolution and excellent 3D CT images with 14 cameras.
advanced 3d x-ray inspection system (axi) v810i mini
Board Dimensions V810i Mini
Maximum panel size 287mm X 523mm (11.3”x20.6”)
Minimum panel size 76mm X 76mm (3”x3”)
Maximum panel inspectable area 281mm X 523mm (11”x20.6”)
Maximum panel thickness 3.5mm (137mils)
Minimum panel thickness 0.5mm (20mils)
Panel warp Downside < 3.0mm; Upside < 1.5mm (PSP)
Maximum panel weight 4.5kg
Minimum panel weight 0.03kg
Board top clearance 50mm @ 23um resolution
37mm @ 19um resolution
11mm @ 11um resolution
*calculated from belt level
Board bottom clearance 80mm
Panel edge clearance 3mm
Panel width tolerance +/- 0.7mm
System resolution 11um; (19um, 23um - Optional)
100% Press-fit testability Yes (With PSP2 feature)
Maximum acceptable panel temperatures 40 Deg C
Footprint 1383mm (W) x 1720mm (D) x 1960mm (H)
Weight ~2700kg