Largest And Biggest Advanced X-Ray Inspection (AXI) System On The Market

Imagine your customer requesting to inspect a large board such as a server board but your machine couldn’t cater for a large board. What would you do when this scenario happens? Letting go of the business opportunity? Seeking a better solution on large board inspection?

Posted on April 30, 2020

Industries are moving toward a new generation where everyone seeks for innovative technologies and solutions. Telecommunication sector is one of the highest contributors to the PCB assembly due to its high demand from global. With the evolution of telecommunication, PCB assembly size grew larger and hence people are seeking for a better solution to handle those giant boards in the market. One of the important aspects to produce a finished good PCB is through inspection. However, the market yet to consist of any machine to handle those giant board sizes.

At this point, ViTrox noticed the market demand and decided to build the V810i S2 XLW. The solution is provided to the market and customers are grateful for the solution. With 100% test coverage, latest and greatest technologies in the ViTrox system, market worries are eliminated and users are able to enjoy the best finished good product.

In the illustration, you can see the capabilities and features of V810i S2 XLW. It is the biggest and largest PCB board handling machine in the market that can support up to 25kg and 1.3m x 1.3m board size.

Apart from that, V810i S2 XLW also offers many useful features to enhance your experience. Algebraic Reconstruction Technique (ART) with a model of sharp geometric 3D computed tomography (CT) can ease you in performing accurate results of defect classification. In particular, the machine can produce the best image quality in second with digital tomosynthesis and ViTrox X-ray Autofocus Technology. In addition to the comprehensive algorithm of V810i S2XLW AXI, the machine is capable of inspecting all forms of defects in the Surface Mounting Technology (SMT) and Through Hole Technology (THT) components.

Furthermore, the X-ray radiation monitoring & system alert allow you to monitor the radiation exposures on the component to avoid overexposure of sensitive components and cause damage. Lightning programming is able to ease and speed up programming time that brings the benefit of time-saving. ViTrox machines are able to support various production environments such as low mix high volume, high mix low volume and more. It is known to be the world fastest 3D automated inspection AXI system that could cope with the SMT throughput.

Ultimately with the new XLW generation of V810i S2 AXI, it can be connected with the Smart Industry 4.0 V-ONE across the smart manufacturing line. With V-ONE connect to your machines, you can optimize PCB quality control and maximize the output efficiency while having V-ONE to caters automatically to different digital manufacturing processes with its highly customizable open platform customized to your requirements.