V9i Conformal Coating Inspection

Did you know? Inspection is a key aspect of the SMT conformal coating application process and a successfully coated PCB.

Posted on July 31, 2020

In recent years, the use of conformal coatings is becoming more important in almost all the industries that it helps to protect the printed circuit boards and related equipment from the harsh environment. Conformal coating is widely used in the industries such as automotive, military aerospace, marine, industrial, consumer and green energy applications. Conformal coating is a protective material that is designed to conform to the printed circuit board surface for the purpose of providing a durable barrier against environmental contaminants.

The application of the conformal coating is important to avoid the failure or contamination happening to the printed circuit board and the defect of conformal coating might cause the circuit board failure in terms of reliability. Hence, inspection is the key aspect of the conformal coating application process and successfully coated printed circuit board. With this, ViTrox is proud to present our latest conformal coating inspection solution (V9i) to the market.

V9i : Advanced Robotic Vision (ARV)

ViTrox’s V9i Advanced Robotic Vision System (ARV), is a highly flexible and portable UV conformal coating inspection solution with the ability to measure the thickness of the conformal coating. The seamless integration of 6-axis Collaborative Robotic Arm into V9i inspection system allows the users to perform angle inspection effortlessly compared to the conventional AOI CC system.

Its overall design is compact, modular, lightweight, and it flexibly adapts to various complicated and varying industrial production environments. This flexibility enables a faster & reliable inspection solution to the manufacturer by improving production output and quality compared to the existing manual inspection manner. Besides, the flexibility of docking V9i System beside an inline conveyor helps to save the production floor space without the need to relayout the production line thus eases the implementation.

With Advanced CAD-less Smart Learning Programming, the inspection set-up is fast and intuitive, takes typically less than 30 minutes. V9i System offers comprehensive coverage for conformal coating defects inspection such as bubble, insufficient, coating in keep out area etc on the printed circuit board.

Conformal Coating thickness is remained one of the most important criteria to assure the long term reliability of the printed circuit board where the coating thickness has to be within a certain range according to the coating material qualification standards, such as IPC-A-610, IPC-CC-830, MIL-I-56058C or UL-746E. Conformal coating with minimum thickness is crucial to provide the protection to the PCBs from harsh environment to its best operating condition. With the conformal coating thickness measurement sensor, V9i is able to provide coating thickness measurement coverages in a range of 30μm - 500μm without sacrificing any top clearance from the board.

Besides, V9i defect review station (VVTS) allows users to perform checking on the inspection calls from V9i system with side by side comparison of good and bad image samples. All the inspection results can be stored in the SPC server for traceability purposes. The V9i also reads all the common barcodes and captures board images for product traceability.

In summary, ViTrox’s V9i Advanced Robotic Vision System (ARV) is a system that is compact in size and suitable for any production environment. The simple and comprehensive GUI allows the user to set up the program with ease through a touchscreen interface. Also, it is able to provide full board coverage inspection including coating thickness and board size up to 510 mm x 510 mm.

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