Vs3DBGAPP - The 3D Ball Grid Array Inspection System for Your Production Line

Looking for a compact size vision module for your inspection solution? Try ViTrox’s 3D Ball Grid Array Inspection System (Vs3DBGAPP)

Posted on July 31, 2020

Ball Grip Array (BGA) is an advanced packaging in the semiconductor with the solder balls soldered under the package and arranged in a grid pattern. As the demand for BGA in small package size has significantly increased in the recent trend, the quality of BGA has become highly important for industry.

ViTrox’s Vs3DBGAPP is a compact size vision system suitable for turret-based handler solutions. With Vs3DBGAPP, it guarantees to provide high accuracy and quality inspection results. It also supports multi-pitch Ball Grid Array Inspection with size ranging from 1 mm x 1 mm to 16 mm x 16 mm. Vs3DBGAPP can also perform the package/die and component inspection within the whole solution. In addition, it is very easy to setup the Vs3DBGAPP in your production line.

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