APC-MFB: A New Milestone for V510i Optimus 3D AOI

As a result of a collaboration with Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions, the V510i Optimus 3D Advanced Optical Inspection System (AOI) is now APC-ready and has been certified and conformed to the evaluation standards and requirement for APC-MFB (Advanced Process Control - Mounter FeedBack) compatible AOI solution.

Posted on June 24, 2020

With the APC-MFB, V510i Optimus 3D Advanced Optical Inspection System (AOI) is able to feedback the mounting position shifts to the mounter, such as NPM-D3, via Panasonic’s LNB connection. The mounter is now able to correct its mounting position based on the trend of the position shifts detected during the inspection. This is further assisted by the mounting position target information which the mounter feedforward (APC-MFF) to the V510i Optimus 3D via the LNB connection. From the mounting position target information, the position shifts will be measured with reference to the targeted position instead of the solder pad location. The verification for APC-MFF was completed during the APC-MFB evaluation which took place at Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions, Fukuoka, Japan.

By having this APC-MFB feature, the process optimization is able to be automated, so the quality of the product can be controlled with less effort. This certification also signifies that the accuracy of V510i Optimus 3D AOI system meets the stringent requirement for the APC-MFB feature, which is very important to ensure that the accurate offset information is being feedbacked to the placement machine.

Other than that, the V510i Optimus 3D AOI is also ready for Panasonic’s integrated line management system, called the iLNB. This will hugely benefit the iLNB users, as they can control the V510i Optimus 3D AOI and other machines under the iLNB by using a single PC. This can help to improve the productivity of the production line while maintaining the quality of the production process.

ViTrox plans to continuously work together with Panasonic in order to improve the process automation for a production line so that our current and future customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of a smart factory.