TH3000i : The Latest Tray to Tray IC Inspection Handler Solution For Your Inspection

TH3000i is designed to support a wide range of package sizes. Additionally, this solution can handle multiple complex and concurrent 3D, 2D and 5-sided vision inspection requirements for current and foreseeable future tray-to-tray semiconductor IC device inspection needs.

Posted on May 31, 2020

ViTrox’s NEW TH3000i 3rd generation Tray to Tray IC inspection handler machine includes many technological innovation advancements in inspection capabilities to handle a wide range of IC packages. It is specially designed to support both high-mix low-volume, low-mix high-volume or mix-mode usage production operating environments.

It is equipped with ADVANCED vision inspection technology, IMPROVED illumination balance and FASTER conversion time. With the agile and SMART mechanical design improvement, ViTrox is ready for future extension to bring users to move forward into the smart factory era.

Apart from the enhancing inspection and package range support, the new handler is capable of handling multiple product output. Additionally, it is available to inspect for WETQFN, SiP, Lid Gap, Die Crack, Inner Crack, Side Exposed Copper, etc. Additionally, this solution supports tray swapping function for selected applications.

ViTrox always strives to offer the best innovative solution and has won numerous awards to prove its strong commitment to customer satisfaction. With state-of-the-art technology and high R&D investments, customers can use ViTrox products and service confidently knowing that these innovation breakthroughs will significantly improve product yield, enhance machine throughput, and increase ROI.

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