VR20i G2 - The New Launch of 2nd Generation of VR20i Post Seal Vision Handler

VR20i G2 is here to improve your production line with Quality Consistency, Operation Cost and Time Reduction!

Posted on June 24, 2021

VR20i G2 is here to improve your production line with Quality Consistency, Operation Cost and Time Reduction!

VR20i G2 is designed for Reel-to-Reel Inspection for tape width ranging from 8 mm to 32 mm. With VR20i G2 latest advanced visual inspection capabilities, you can reduce production downtime and human error, with three key enhanced automation mechanisms, namely auto-track width conversion, dummy reel width conversion, and auto tape insertion into dummy reel.

VR20i G2 dual-tracks design allows the device to be forwarded through the first track while the inspection is being performed through the second track; significantly minimizes the machine idle time. VR20i G2 auto-track and auto dummy reel width conversion tape width ranging from 8 mm to 32 mm with the system automatically triggered. Auto tape insertion into dummy reel feature greatly reduces human interaction with the machine; significantly reduced the error caused by human and machine stoppages.

Additional VR20i G2 comes with advanced vision technology breakthroughs such as AUX vision systems and multiple vision systems. With the AUX vision system, VR20i G2 performs 2.5D lead inspection, slanted mark inspection, color inspections, and other highly customized inspection options. The multiple vision systems allow end-users to perform various inspections, such as tape seal inspection, mark inspection, package inspection, lead inspection and bottom carrier tape inspection. Combined with these technologies and advanced vision features, we guarantee users comprehensive and quality inspection results.

Furthermore, VR20i G2 achieves machine speed improvement up to 50%, and capable to process >130K UPH for 2 mm pocket pitch and >80K UPH for 4 mm pocket pitch carrier tape. Coupled with the new V5 vision platform and latest hardware technologies, VR20i G2 inspects the components faster with the result of higher throughput. Most importantly, it greatly reduces the return of investment periods.

Coupled with ViTrox Industry 4.0 Smart Solution V-ONE, VR20i G2 will be able to provide end-users with a real-time monitoring system that allows much greater agility in production. Interested in our VR20i Post Seal Vision Handler? Contact our sales experts now to discover more about our latest solutions for you!