Elevate Your OCR Inspection with A.I. Adoption

Looking for a smarter, faster and more accurate way to conduct packaging inspections in your semiconductor manufacturing process? ViTrox's Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is the answer you have been searching for!

Posted on Jun 6, 2023

Are you currently facing these limitations and inabilities when relying on conventional OCR in your inspection line?

  • Recognising characters with broken or illegible markings?
  • Inspecting only single-colour mark foregrounds?
  • Problems caused by disturbance of surrounding noise or distortions?
  • Inspection limitations due to different font sizes, styles and types?

With the new integration of A.I. OCR Technology in ViTrox's Vision Inspection Systems, which is already renowned for their precision and reliability, manufacturers can now confidently rely on the remarkable accuracy and performance enhancements brought forth by artificial intelligence.

Supercharge Your Workflow: Here’s How A.I. OCR Solves Your Pain Points.

  1. Pre-Built 74k OCR Dataset
    With our pre-built 74k OCR dataset, users do not need to build their own OCR dataset with different font types and font sizes. This ready-to-use dataset provides a comprehensive collection of 74,000 samples encompassing a wide range of text variations and styles. The power of our 74k dataset lies in its ability to train the OCR algorithms to handle real-world scenarios, such as low-quality scans, distorted text, and complex backgrounds. With the boost in A.I. OCR performance, it significantly saves your valuable time and effort while ensuring reliable and precise text recognition.
  2. Intelligent Mark Recognition
    With Intelligent Mark Recognition (IMR), our A.I. OCR technology is not affected by camera resolutions, font size, or the quality of the marking. By accurately interpreting characters amidst surrounding noise, A.I. OCR also improves detection capabilities with a better decoding rate. This makes it capable of accurately detecting markings, supporting multiple colours in the foreground and being able to handle diverse character patterns. It offers exceptional verification result accuracy and boosts productivity, ensuring a smooth and efficient process compared to conventional OCR.
  3. Blacklist/ Whitelist Detection
    The "Blacklist/Whitelist Detection" is a powerful feature as it compares marks on inspected items to predefined lists of approved (whitelist) or prohibited (blacklist) marks. This ensures only authorised marks are present on packages, preventing counterfeits and maintaining product quality. Besides, it also provides the ability to perform unit traceability that enables users to backtrack the device and has quick analysis of systematic problems found in the operation line.

Key Takeaway

In conclusion, A.I. OCR technology is a breakthrough for mark inspection in the semiconductor packaging industry. Embracing A.I. OCR technology opens doors to improved efficiency, cost savings, and unparalleled character recognition and verification accuracy.

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