Elevating Your Product Quality with our Brand New Solutions

The requirement for smaller, faster, and more complicated electronic devices has resulted in a considerable evolution of SMT technology. Hence, we are bringing you precision at its finest with Inspection Solutions for advanced packaging inspection!

Posted on May 11, 2023

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is an important method in the fabrication of electronic circuits. It entails applying sufficient solder to a printed circuit board (PCB) that has been assembled using automated machinery to place and align microelectronic components. The stringent requirements for electronic devices have increased the demand for precise and accurate production procedures.

Now, you can ensure the quality of your manufacturing process and final products with ViTrox’s revolutionised SMT PCBA Inspection Solutions! We are honoured to announce the soft launch of two cutting-edge solutions - SPI & AOI that are set to transform the backend semiconductor and SMT PCBA manufacturing industry.

The New Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) Solution for Advanced Packaging and Microelectronics

The new 3D SPI Solution offers a high-resolution camera module that can detect even the smallest microscopic defects, with a camera resolution of 25MP at 4.5μm/px and Motorised Z-Height. The manufacturers can enhance yields and reduce scraps by identifying defects early, to achieve cost-effectiveness goals. In addition, the new 3D SPI solution adopts the Augmented Phase Shift Profilometry Technology with Augmented Digital Light Processing (DLP) Projectors, resulting in more accurate 3D reconstruction of miniature solder paste images for a precise inspection result.

The 3D SPI Solution incorporates advanced A.I. algorithms to generate high-accuracy inspection results and minimise the false calls rate of missing solder through the A.I. Missing Classification feature. The ultra-smart programming enables high-speed parameter programming with minimal configuration, which enhances efficiency and minimises production downtime. Finally, the extended inspection capabilities – including System-in-Packages, Solder Bump, Substrate/Lead Frame, and more – offer versatility to meet various inspection needs.

The New Advanced 3D Optical Inspection (AOI) Solution for Advanced Packaging and Microelectronics

Next up is the new AOI Solution for micro-defect inspection, which offers a range of benefits that set it apart from traditional AOIs. First and foremost, ViTrox’s latest 3D AOI Solution offers high-quality surface contamination inspection with robust algorithms, ensuring that manufacturers detect various critical surface contamination defects the products are moved further down the production line. The automated inspection capabilities with True 3D Measurement improve speed and efficiency and optimise productivity. Besides that, the A.I. reclassification technology reduces the false call rate and improves production throughput.

With true 3D measurement and four state-of-the-art projectors with eight layers of projection, the 3D AOI Solution delivers unparalleled accuracy and precision. The 25MP CoaXPress camera with a 4.5μm/pix telecentric lens ensures that inspection images are captured with high clarity, producing accurate inspection and measurement results. Additionally, this new solution offers extended test coverage for back-end semiconductor applications, thus offering a wider range of defect detection such as reflective component surface (lead frame or substrate), die inspection, coordinates measurement, and more.

ViTrox's new 3D AOI solution that is equipped with A.I. technology helps operators automate programming and after-inspection judgment intelligently, resulting in even greater efficiency gains. Finally, the real-time data that transformed into insightful statistical charts help operators make better decisions and improve overall quality control by reducing the risk of defects.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, the all-inclusive SPI and AOI for Advanced Packaging and Microelectronics are the machine vision inspection breakthrough technologies that offer a range of benefits to manufacturers in the semiconductor and SMT PCBA inspection industry. These solutions are guaranteed to improve the quality and efficiency of your manufacturing line. Ultimately, you and your production team will strive well due to the early defect detection, enhanced productivity, and overall unrivalled accuracy and precision. Contact our Sales and Support team today at enquiry@vitrox.com to learn more about these innovative solutions.