SMT Inspection

What is Conformal Coating Inspection? A Guide to Automate Your Conformal Coating Inspection.

Conformal coating inspection is now more challenging as the electronic advancement in the high-tech industries significantly increased the complexity of Printed Circuit Board design with more joints.

A.I. VVTS: Your A.I. Auto Buy-Off in Repair Stations

A.I. ViTrox Verification Tool Solution (VVTS) turns your production floor into Smart Manufacturing.

Reliable Defect Detection Capability with Automated X-ray Inspection Solution

Circuit board industry with the emergence of intelligent terminal equipment and intelligent automotive electronic products.

ViTrox Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection (API/SPI) Solution: Unveils Defects at the Early Stage in SMT Line

Improper solder paste printing is one of the reasons for generating defects in the printed circuit board.

Boost Your Manufacturing Process with The Revolutionary V-ONE® 4.0

The intelligent control tower provides users with a real-time data analysis to monitor the performance of multiple production lines.

Optimize Your Production with The New V810i Series 3 Advanced X-ray Inspection (AXI) Solution

Integrated with the latest ViTrox vision technological innovation and artificial intelligence (A.I.) capabilities, V810i S3 AXI enables users to optimise production throughput and enjoy speedy and accurate SMT inspection capabilities.

ViTrox Will Launch the New Semicon AOI to Cater for Semiconductor Industry Soon!

The growing demand for global consumer electronic devices continues to drive the expansion of the semiconductor industry. According to the latest analysis report.

ViTrox New Enhancement for Smart Manufacturing AOI Programming Automation through AI Smart Programming 2.0

With the thought of the V510i Advanced 3D Optical Inspection (AOI) Solutions users in mind, ViTrox has continuously developed new features to improve the user experience. One of the top features that V510i 3D AOI excel at is ease-of-programming, which is made possible by the development of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Smart Programming

A Smart Manufacturing Story: Success of MFB-2 collaboration with Panasonic

ViTrox has taken the next step in the M2M collaboration work with Panasonic Smart Factory Solution, as the V510i Optimus 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system is now certified to support and conform to the standards for the Advanced Process Control - Mounter Feedback 2 (APC-MFB2) system.

VVTS 3.0: The A.I. Assist Verification tool on ViTrox Advanced 3D Optical Inspection System (AOI)

In addition to providing the most trusted and intelligent solutions, ViTrox has been developing various technological differentiated solutions to assist our valued customers in achieving better performance and customer experience in recent years. Furthermore, we strive to assist and guide our customers in moving towards Smart Manufacturing operations.

ViTrox Introduces New Artificial Intelligence Upgrade in V310i The Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection Solutions

A.I. is now integrated into our Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection (API) Solutions to achieve effortless and fast programming while ensuring the quality, accuracy and consistency of users' experience on optimal algorithm and programming.

Eliminate Your Concerns Over Conformal Coating Inspection and Final Inspection. We Have You Covered With Our Newest Model of V9i

As markets grow more diversified with the increased sophistication of quality requirements, customers demand a higher level of product quality. Product quality becomes an essential element in the organization to triumph over the competition.

Optimize Production with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) on Advanced 3D Optical Inspection (AOI) Solution & Advanced 3D X-Ray Inspection (AXI) Solution

In 2021, the SMT industry and market are moving towards high efficiency with less workforce.

ViTrox has the WORLD BEST Test Coverage, the HIGHEST throughput and EXCELLENT CALL 3D In-line AXI Solution series

The Latest Series of V810i AXI Solution - V810i S2 XLW

V9i Conformal Coating Inspection

Did you know? Inspection is a key aspect of the SMT conformal coating application process and a successfully coated PCB.

APC-MFB: A New Milestone for V510i Optimus 3D AOI

As a result of a collaboration with Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions, the V510i Optimus 3D Advanced Optical Inspection System (AOI) is now APC-ready and has been certified and conformed to the evaluation standards and requirement for APC-MFB (Advanced Process Control - Mounter FeedBack) compatible AOI solution.

V310i : The Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection System for Your Inspection Needs

The advanced solder paste inspection (API) plays an essential role in guaranteeing the quality and quantity of the solder paste printing in the SMT line.

Largest And Biggest Advanced X-Ray Inspection (AXI) System On The Market

Imagine your customer requesting to inspect a large board such as a server board but your machine couldn’t cater for a large board. What would you do when this scenario happens? Letting go of the business opportunity? Seeking a better solution on large board inspection?

Ever wonder how to shorten the long programming time?

Average programming time for the Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system might take up to two hours to process!