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It started with a dream, to create the impossible....

Mr Chu Jenn Weng started from humble beginnings when he was an engineer with a Multinational company in late 90s. This picture was taken during an overseas business trip where Mr Chu visited the 'birthplace of silicon valley', a humble garage which kick-started the heart of silicon valley.

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Our Journey to Global Expansion

ViTrox is well recognized as one of the world-leading automated machine vision inspection solution providers with an extensive global customer base

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Ignite Your Vision!
Be a ViTrox R&D Software Engineer

Make the best career decision ever by joining ViTrox as an R&D Software Engineer.

Be part of a visionary team of engineers to design, develop and implement new and existing vision application tools. Put on your ‘Einstein’ thinking hat where you have the golden opportunity to engage in R&D projects and feasibility study on vision application-related techniques.

Expand your people skills by engaging directly with global customers who will challenge you to produce visionary ideas and projects.

Fire up Your Passion!
Be a ViTrox R&D Mechanical Design Engineer

Have a passion for tinkering with machines? Ever wondered how to design a prototype machine from scratch? Join our transformative R&D Mechanical Engineers who are passionate about research, design, prototyping and project management documentation for advanced automated machines.

Get a chance to design and develop vision inspection equipment for diverse industries, including printed circuit board assembly and semiconductors. Hear from customers directly when you help to diagnose and support hardware-related requests which includes troubleshooting & customization during benchmarking & site installation. Challenge yourself to strive for continuous quality improvement and cost reduction.

Broaden Your Horizon!
Join our Technical Support Engineering team

Choose your adventure to support local and international customers on key technical support for vision inspection machine system setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting at customer premises. Grab your travel pass as you would have the opportunity to travel locally and abroad and build strong customer relationships by providing knowledge transfer to customers or sales channel partners on system setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting skills.

Broaden your engineering skills when you get to work closely with R & D Team on quality and design related improvement based on customer feedback.

Champion Our Dream!
Be a Sales & Marketing Engineer

Did you know that having a sales & marketing experience in your resume will considerably boost your chances of better job opportunities? Even better when you join the sales & marketing engineering team at ViTrox who helped expand our global customer base substantially every year. Get involved in Lead Generation, Sales Operation & Customer Account Management, and Distribution Management Operation when you join our passionate and dynamic team.

the potential of every relationship.
Be part of a growth company which is rapidly expanding into a global organization filled with amazing talents and opportunities.
We believe in creating meaningful experiences for our global employees through dynamic, purposeful and innovative collaborations.

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The V-transformation Journey

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ViTrox invites you to a conducive lifestyle....