It started with a dream,
to create the impossible....

During Mr Chu Jenn Weng's internship at Hewlett-Packard (HP), he was astonished by the usage of a camera tasked with a machine, which then guided a robot to pick up a very tiny object and place it precisely from one location to another in a fraction of a second. He later discovered this forward-thinking technology - Machine Vision, which gave him a clear direction of what he wanted to do in the future.

Upon the completion of his internship, he was recruited by HP as a permanent employee and later received a training opportunity in Silicon Valley, CA, USA, which lays a remarkable starting point of his entrepreneurial life. Through the visitation to HP garage, he was inspired by the aspiration of two engineering graduates from Stanford University who founded HP and ran their business startup in a garage to later becoming a global tech giant. He is certain and confident that Malaysian engineering graduates could do the same too - build a great high-tech company. With that, a budding inspiration to establish a Malaysian high-tech company has engraved into his mind.

Mr Steven Siaw Kok Tong, the co-founder of ViTrox who graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), received the job offer from HP in year 1995 and was invited to join Mr Chu's Machine Vision team. After four years plus working at HP, an opportunity came knocking at the door, and they were both introduced by a former colleague to provide machine vision solutions to a local customer. Hence, both of them decided to take the entrepreneurial leap to establish ViTrox to develop and supply machine vision solutions locally. Mr Yeoh Shih Hoong joined ViTrox as the first-ever employee and eventually became one of the Executive Directors of ViTrox.