Special Interest Club

Various special interest clubs such as a cooking club, photography club, floral & art club, recreation club, go green club and charity club are assembled to promote work life balance and talent contribution.

A weekly Diva class is organized by sport and performance club for ViTroxians to achieve work-life balance.

International Speech and Table Topic Contest are organized by toastmasters club for cultivating public speaking skills.

A group of charity members joining the dog bath day to take care of the pets.

Music instruments and singing practices are organized by the Music & Singing club for ViTroxians who love or want to learn more about music.

Floral & art club members taking care of various flowers planted within ViTrox premises.

A group of photo-shooting fans, whose initiates various indoor or outdoor photo-shooting activities.

Meal served by Cooking club members during the weekly healthy buffet lunch.

A music performance by the Music & Singing club during the annual dinner.

Drive-through Recycling Program by the Go Green club organized in every quarter in order to reduce caused by wastes.