Dickson Hon

During the pandemic, I decided to apply for an internship at ViTrox as ViTrox is the leading company in the AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) sector. Under my manager’s guidance, I learn a lot of technical and soft skills which include learning machine specifications, knowledge on how the semiconductor industry works and making cold calls to customers. Interestly, although my major is in Marketing, after joining ViTrox I’ve developed a passion for the engineering field. I’ve also learnt more about python and coding from the training and development department in ViTrox which has been very useful.

My initial thought was that I would be given a very boring task to do as an intern, however under my manager Gary I was exposed to interesting work and was very much involved in hands-on work. Gary taught me how to do cold calling to customers and expect rejection which was very true when I encountered a very rude customer. I believe not many companies can offer the same experience as what I had in ViTrox.

The other key lesson I’ve learned from ViTrox is the company’s core values of IACTG (Integrity, Accountability, Courage, Trust & Respect and Gratitude & Care). These are values which resonated strongly with me, particularly about having a strong sense of integrity and gratitude which I can adopt in my daily life. Mr Chu (CEO of ViTrox) shared about how you can learn from every experience you encounter by developing gratitude and having the right integrity to avoid disappointing your customers.

Dickson Hon is currently studying at City, University of London, majoring in Marketing. He enjoys rock-climbing, participating in mixed martial arts (MMA) and hiking activities. He identifies himself as a disciplined and dynamic person who continuously persists for his goals.

Kevin Wong

I had my internship with V-Agritech although my major was in Information Technology. I’ve always wanted to be an innovative programmer. I was fortunate to join the V-Agritech department because it’s something fresh and inviting, combining the field of agriculture and technology such as programming. I was part of the pioneering team in this department which is still in start-up mode. As to why I chose to do my internship at ViTrox, mostly because my brother who works in ViTrox shared many of his positive working experiences and also the great working culture of Vitrox which I really admired.

I’m generally very curious on how things work, for example simple things like how the keyboard and mouse work. When I was young, I would unscrew and open up all my toy cars to see how the internal mechanism worked. Though I was initially nervous in my first day at ViTrox but immediately I was bursting in curiosity to explore and learn about IT hardware items such as maker uno and raspberry pi microprocessor.

What amazed me the most during my internship was that I had accomplished two complex projects within two months, which are a month ahead of both projects’ schedule. The first project involved working on the Greenhouse IoT (Internet of Things) System where multiple sensors placed in the greenhouse will send sensor data to the Raspberry Pi microprocessor. The Raspberry Pi will then upload the data to multiple platforms such as V-One, MySQL database and telegram for easy tracking and monitoring of sensor data.

My second project involved the concept of smart flowerpot by using a soil moisture sensor to detect the soil moisture of a flower pot and sending the data to smartphone by using bluetooth. This enabled the user to turn the water pump on and off via the smartphone application which I had developed. I was very proud of this project as the smart flowerpot will be used by ViTrox Academy as a teaching methodology.

My advice to future interns or ViTroxians is be resourceful and don’t be afraid to ask. Everyone in ViTrox has different knowledge and experience, so if you don’t ask you will never learn. I had a great manager, Vincent Ong who’s very supportive, encouraging, positive and very knowledgeable about his work and also wonderful colleagues. I felt very grateful that even though I was just an intern, the encouragement and support from Vincent and the team enabled me to complete the foundation of the system for V-Agritech to expand. Thank you so much to ViTrox for a memorable and great work experience!

Kevin is currently pursuing a Computer Science Degree with Conventry University. During his secondary school, Kevin was an active participant in science competitions particularly the Intel ISEF where he represented Malaysia with a project related to earth and environmental science. His team subsequently won 4th place, a major feat for a world renowned competition. Kevin was also featured in Astro Awani for being awarded “Most Promising Young Scientists” at a young age of 17 years old and awarded the 1st prize for Mathematics category together with a fellow Malaysian in the SEAMEO Young Scientists (SSYS).

Wei Xun (Chris) Lai

Robotics has been my passion ever since I was young. Starting from the age of 6, I was active in robotics competitions until my final year at Chung Ling high school, a period spanning over a decade of my life.

Part of my passion in robotics was why I decided to intern at ViTrox as they are renowned for their specialization in machine vision. I am involved in the forefront of new V-tech despite just being an intern. My manager would also allow me to learn novel technologies that have yet to be implemented in ViTrox.

My experience here is remarkable, and the culture here is truly notable. ViTrox really puts in effort for employees to embrace the ViTrox culture. Everyone I've met is kind and helpful, my requests for help have always been answered.

On top of that, there are many small meaningful things here, like the daily vegetarian meal, which is healthy, delicious and provided for free! The accountability of things like washing our own dishes also practices self-discipline. Collectively, these small things add up to give a good meaningful vibe.

Wei Xun (Chris) Lai is currently in his third year studies at the University of California, Berkeley majoring in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS). His passion in robotics led him to win a national competition in 2015 at just 15 years old. This gave him a chance to represent Malaysia and it was also his first trip to America where he won 2nd place at the First World Festival. He hopes one day to build something of his own like how Mr Chu (CEO and co-founder of ViTrox) first started after working for a few years in Hewlett Packard.

Joanne Nah Chia Hui

I applied for an internship at ViTrox because I like their core values and second home concept which suits my personality. I felt ViTrox can provide a strong positive culture to motivate me. Before this, I never thought I would be involved in key projects. However, I was surprised that I was given the opportunity to deal with some of ViTrox’s key customers. I felt empowered that I was entrusted with a real responsibility and given a chance to make decisions.

One remarkable experience I had at ViTrox was being asked to emcee and host two online anti-bribery and corruption seminars. The event had about 400 participants and I’m just an intern. It was also a good challenge for me to talk to so many people and also be visible to the ViTrox top management who were attending the session.

During my internship I also took up a few online courses which are available for free to all ViTrox employees. I feel this is part of the strong ViTrox culture which not only focuses on job productivity but also personal growth. I also noticed that everyone has a strong responsibility to hold a harmonious relationship within ViTrox that despite working from home (during the covid-19 situation) my colleagues would often keep in contact with me so I won’t feel that I’m alone.

My advice to future interns or ViTrox employees is to be open and take up the challenge. ViTrox is a place that offers you new opportunities and experiences.

Joanne Nah Chia Hui is currently in her fourth year with SEGI college, majoring in psychology with a minor in business administration. She decided to be involved in psychology because it covers both practical and theoretical subjects that can be used in daily life and also help her understand how human behaviour reacts to circumstances. She also loves to dance (particularly contemporary dance), draw, explore photo-editing and does part-time modeling as well. She describes herself as a sponge, constantly soaking up and exploring new skills.

Zi Wei

My background is in computer science and I generally have a passion for coding. That’s the reason why I joined ViTrox to become an intern with the R&D department. After I joined ViTrox, I found there was a need to know more about how machine vision works. I also learnt more about coding and how the industry level expects to code efficiently. In a recent project at ViTrox, I learnt more about optics and I found it very interesting when a senior engineer coached and guided me personally to share his knowledge with me. I was also heavily involved in research work.

I also enjoyed the V-serve and V-meal program.The V-serve is a program that encourages employees to volunteer as they serve food to other employees during lunch hour. This was a special experience for me as I believe other companies won’t provide this service.

Zi Wei recently joined ViTrox as a permanent staff in the R&D department. Previously, he was a student from UTEM, majoring in Computer science and interactive media. He enjoys things related to computer games which are related to his field of study. He also has his own youtube channel which features game play tips and tricks.