Humanistic Culture

Various humanity and cultural activities are initiated by ViTrox to cultivate ViTroxians with kind and sympathetic attitude towards other people.

A health campaign to create awareness for healthy lifestyle.

Celebrated Chinese Lantern Festival by enjoying variety of mooncakes and solving “lantern riddles”.

Calligraphy writings by ViTrox's management for their teams during Chinese New Year celebrations.

Fabric salvation station is set up biweekly to help ViTrox team members mending their clothes.

A tea arts lesson was conducted to share about the art of tea serving and also to cultivate humanities.

Humanity visit to Taiwan Tzu-Chi's General Hospital.

ViTroxians participated in various traditional Malay games and races for the celebration of Hari Raya.

ViTrox's music club performed during the annual dinner celebration.

Tea serving by showing the appreciation.