ViTrox takes responsibility as a purchaser by acquiring environmentally sustainable, safe, legal and high-quality products and services from suppliers globally. To maintain a robust supply chain ecosystem, ViTrox expects its suppliers and their employees to meet the requirements outlined in its standard policy. This policy encompasses environmental protection, product and service quality assurance, cost management, human rights adherence, and health and safety measures. ViTrox believes that the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders involved can make a significant positive impact.

Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management

As an accountable purchaser, we make a concerted effort to procure environmentally-friendly, safe, legally compliant and high-quality products and services from our conscientious global suppliers. Furthermore, we actively encourage our suppliers to enhance their economic, social and environmental practices. This fosters the establishment of a sustainable and ethical supply chain, which, through strategic collaboration, will drive long-term growth and boost competitiveness for all parties involved.

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Supplier Code of Conduct
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