ViTrox is committed to being an accountable purchaser by sourcing environmentally conscious, safe, legal and high-quality products and services from our worldwide suppliers. For the sake of the supply chain ecosystem’s sustainability, we expect our suppliers and their employees to fulfil the requirements stated in our standard policy for protecting the environment, guaranteeing product and service quality and ensuring cost control, human rights, health and safety are all in place. We believe that the collective efforts of all the stakeholders could make a big difference.

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Supply Chain Management

An ethical supply chain is essential for incorporating social and environmental considerations into businesses worldwide while helping businesses protect brand reputation, build long-term loyalty and provide better customer satisfaction. Being an accountable procurement and supply chain team, ViTrox assesses suppliers based on the Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure fair supplier sourcing and a transparent procurement process. In all countries we operate, we strictly adhere to the relevant local laws and regulations. Over the years, we prioritise local purchases to support the growth of the local economy.

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Supplier Code of Conduct
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