ViTrox aims to provide a harmonious, trusted and caring working culture and environment for our people as their efforts and contributions are unmeasurable. We believe that by providing an enjoyable workplace, practising fair treatment and offering numerous learning opportunities to our people, these efforts will ignite their innovative ideas and promote continuous growth in their career path. ViTrox is committed to upholding and protecting the human rights of everyone and treating everyone with dignity and respect.

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Labour Standards and Human Rights
Talent Attraction and Retention
Talent Attraction and Retention

Every employee is a vital resource and must be valued, nurtured and retained. ViTrox provides competitive compensation and benefits to attract and retain the best talents. To grow the future talent pipeline in STEM, ViTrox established an education arm, namely ViTrox Academy Sdn. Bhd. We also prioritise sourcing talents locally through industry-academia collaborations and provide internship and graduate placement programmes to local students.

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Talent Development and Management
Talent Development

Learning and development is a lifelong and continuous process. At ViTrox, we provide various learning experiences to our employees to achieve excellence. These opportunities keep our employees updated with the latest skills and knowledge and enhance their competencies and performance.

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Health and Safety
Workplace Health and Safety

To build a safe and healthy workplace, ViTrox established the Environment, Health and Safety (“EHS”) Committee to oversee ViTrox’s EHS performance, implemented workplace Occupational Safety and Health Policy (“OSH”) and organised OSH awareness and training programmes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, ViTrox has adopted various preventive and control measures to safeguard the health and safety of ViTroxians and ensure business continuity.

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Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Policy

ViTroxians Welfare and Engagement
Employee Well-being

At ViTrox, we recognise the importance of a positive workplace that encourages employees to stay healthy, happy and motivated. We take care of our people’s body, mind and soul by having in-house wellness facilities, serving plant-based meals and healthy beverages, organising special interest clubs that promote positive interactions among coworkers, coordinating health programmes and activities.

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Human Rights and Labour Standards
Diversity and Inclusion

ViTrox strongly believes in the values and benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce. All ViTroxians are treated fairly and impartially for employment, professional advancement and promotion to ensure equal opportunity and eliminate discrimination regardless of gender, age, nationality, race, religion, social or ethnic origin, sexual orientation and disabilities.

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Human Rights
Human Rights

ViTrox is committed to complying with international standards, local laws and regulations applicable to protecting the rights and interests of all our people. We strive to provide an open-minded, accepting, respectful, caring and compassionate working environment. We have zero (0) tolerance for harsh or inhumane treatment, coercion of any kind, misconduct, bullying and harassment.

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Awards & Certifications

HR Excellence Award 2019
HR Excellence Award 2017
HR Asia Award 2015
Prime Minister's Award for Employer Excellence (Private Sector) 2013
Malaysia HR Award 2012 -
Gold Award SME Best Employer
Anugerah Majikan Berdaya
Saing 2011
Malaysia HR Award 2008 - 2009
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