We firmly believe that a robust governance structure is vital to implementing our sustainability strategies across the Group. In July 2021, ViTrox’s Board of Directors (“Board”) established ESG Steering Committee ("ESC") to manage ViTrox’s sustainability agenda and to lead our efforts in the ESG journey.

Fundamentally, the Board oversees the Group’s sustainability strategies, goals and principles and ensures that each approach taken is cohesive to the challenges we face. The Board is aided by the ESC, which ViTrox’s Managing Director/President/Chief Executive Officer chaired. Meanwhile, the ESG Working Group (“EWG”) supports ESC and the Board in integrating and implementing sustainability practices into their day-to-day operations.

A snapshot of ViTrox’s sustainability governance and their respective duties are presented below:-

Governance Structure Duties and Responsibilities
Board of Directors
  • Oversee the overall responsibility of ViTrox’s ESG strategies
  • Review the terms of reference, policies and procedures relevant to ViTrox’s sustainability agenda
  • Expand adequate resources to ESC to perform its duties and provide professional consultancy services for them
ESG Steering Committee
Chairman : Chu Jenn Weng
Member : Siaw Kok Tong
Yeoh Shih Hoong
Lim Kim Seng
Wee Kah Khim
  • Advocate sustainability strategies, policies and goals to the Board, in consultation with the management
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the sustainability strategies, policies and goals
  • Provide oversight and input on the Group's sustainability agenda to align with the Group's values and commitment
  • Review the Report and other issues arising from independent auditors, regulators or consultants
  • Advise and recommend strategic positioning to the Board on emerging sustainability risks and opportunities
ESG Working Group
  • Assist ESC in integrating the Group's sustainability strategies into business operations and implementing initiatives towards achieving the Group's sustainability ambition
  • Identify sustainability matters and formulate action plans
  • Supervise interdepartmental communication and coordinate resource integration
Through the formation of our ESC, we aim to create a seamless collaboration among our people to adapt our ESG strategies into each asset class while driving ownership and accountability across the Group.

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