Preserving Mother Nature is one of the ultimate goals of ViTrox. ViTrox has carried out numerous efforts and initiatives in environmental conservation over the years. We believe that environmental protection is every company’s responsibility, and it is weighed the same as company growth. There are a few main focuses of ViTrox in ecological protection, including clean technology solutions, climate change management, efficient energy usage, air pollution control, water management and waste management, for ensuring a sustainable world.

Green Energy Generated
Renewable Energy
Recycled Waste Materials
Reduction of CO₂ Emissions from
Solar Energy Implementation
Climate Change Management
Energy Management and GHG Emissions

Global climate change has become the biggest threat facing humanity, with excessive greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions and energy usage as the leading causes. In our continuous efforts to combat climate change, ViTrox has implemented various initiatives to improve energy efficiency and conservation while utilising renewable energy to lower our carbon footprint from business operations.

As a go-green practitioner, ViTrox is fully committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions, Scope 2, by the end of 2030. We recorded 3,031.81tCO2 of carbon footprint under Scope 2 in 2021, which we use as the base year. We are determined to improve the energy consumption efficiency by 2% every year through various innovative ways, such as using big data analytics to monitor and optimise electricity usage, room temperature and light intensity. Meanwhile, we are committed to continuing the investment in renewable energy and carbon credit certificates offered by authorised electricity providers.

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Waste Management
Waste Management

Proper waste management is crucial in avoiding pollution of the environment and preventing the production of greenhouse gases. ViTrox adheres to all applicable environmental regulations according to the Environmental Quality Act 1974 or any other relevant legislation. All hazardous waste is handled as per the Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations 2005 while general and recycled wastes are handled as stated in our waste management procedure.

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Environmental Responsibility Policy
Environmental Conservation and Preservation

Environmental sustainability remains pivotal and will continue to underpin everything we do. As stated in our Environmental Policy, ViTrox strives to protect the environment and minimise the environmental impact resulting from our business activities. We drive Cleantech initiatives to incorporate sustainability across our products and practice sustainable consumption as a proactive approach to environmental conservation.

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Water Management
Water Management

Water is vital to our health, communities and ecosystems. Clean water resources are becoming increasingly scarce and vulnerable to the effects of climate change. At ViTrox, we have implemented necessary water conservation initiatives to manage this shared resource responsibly, promoting sustainable development for a brighter future.

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Environmental Policy

Awards & Certifications

Penang Green Office
Green Building Index
The Most Number of Free Vegetarian Meals
Served by a Company in a Year - 2019
The Most Number of Amenity Trees
Planted Within 24 Hours - 2017

*ViTrox participated in the
planting activity organised
by the Penang State Government

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