Enhanced V-ONE® with AIoT Cloud benefits agritech

The team faced relentless pest infestations, disease problems with our crops, and unpredictable weather patterns while working on the actual field. These crises presented engineering development opportunities regarding climate protection structures and solutions to the impact of current erratic weather patterns.


Integrating our V-ONE® smart solution to the smart agricultural farm, the VAG team uses Artificial Intelligence of Things (“AIoT”) technology and IoT sensors to analyse data and monitor the actuation. By using AIoT technology, the team can perform the irrigation of plants only when it’s needed, which effectively decreases water consumption. The monitoring system sends warning messages of excessive rain and automated actuation, allowing farmers to act proactively and timely, thus ensuring more reliable crop yields. Analysing growing conditions and data compilation of soil fertility through specific sensors make it possible to control and optimise the quantity and frequency of fertilising.

VAG aims to deliver solutions to increase farming yields while reducing the cost of labour, minimise the harm of pesticides on humans, reduce water consumption in agricultural processes and mitigate the impact of climate change on farming operations.

Enhanced V-ONE® with AIoT Cloud Benefits Agricultural Technology

Considering the environment of agricultural farms is not conducive to storing computer servers, we enhanced V-ONE® to enable AIoT Cloud infrastructure. The enhanced solution is ideal for agricultural settings as lightweight single-board computers coupled with IoT sensors can stream data continuously to the cloud.


VAG uses AIoT farming solutions to automate some of the farm processes. The solutions that combine farm management software and IoT devices provide farmers with actionable information on factors such as the conditions of crops, soil and weather.

For example, we use AIoT technology to automatically identify destroyed crops and pests, allowing us to perform remedial actions at an early stage. This action helps us to decrease crop losses and reduce the environmental damage caused by excessive usage of pesticides, which improves overall agricultural economic value in turn.

We also use V-ONE® AIoT Cloud to real-time monitor the temperature in the greenhouse and automate temperature management with motorised shade systems. The smart farm design improves crop health and yields and reduces human dependencies.

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