Car Washing for 1013 Charity Event

In conjunction with our annual 1013 Charity Event, a group of ViTroxians delivered their support through a volunteer programme, by offering a charity car wash service within the Company on 10-12 October 2022 to raise charity funds. Aligned with our commitments to environmental conservation, ViTroxians are mindful of minimising the environmental impact in every initiative and event we hold. In this car washing event, we minimise water use in our consumption from municipal potable water and rainwater harvesting to ensure ecological, social and economic sustainability. The volunteers only used a total of 4,455 litres of water to wash 123 cars. Generally, an automatic car wash machine uses approximately 160 litres of water per car, which is four (4) times the average volume ViTroxians used to wash a car.


Being cautious about sustainable energy consumption, our ViTroxian volunteers insisted on not using electricity in the car washing process. Instead, they offered a hand-washed car service, which consumed no electricity, in comparison to an automatic car wash service equipped with a high-pressure water spray gun, which caused a large amount of electricity consumption. As a result of the efforts of volunteers, ViTrox managed to raise about RM7,013 in this campaign, contributing to our charity fund pool.

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