Providing diverse learning experiences to ViTroxians, supporting them to unleash fullest potential

Training and Development

At ViTrox, we provide an all-around learning experience for our employees. We implement a comprehensive and systematic approach when designing the learning and development process. To determine the annual training plan for the following year, we conduct a company-wide Training Needs Analysis (“TNA”) in the fourth (4th) quarter. The TNA is rolled out in three (3) levels.

TNA Level Description
Organisational Level

This level analyses the company-wide objectives, goals and performances to determine the knowledge, skills and behaviours that support our Company in building its strengths and addressing weaknesses.

The Learning Advisory Board (“LAB”) is established to oversee overall learning and development initiatives.

The committee members comprise the selected management representatives and internal subject experts.

Departmental Level This level analyses the training needs at the operational level. This process involves stakeholder engagement with all department heads to review the team’s skill matrix and inputs for training intervention (learning resources).
Individual Level This level analyses the skills, knowledge and training programmes required by employees to carry out tasks and projects effectively. Employees perform this analysis in the Learning Management System (“LMS”)

70:20:10 Learning Model

At ViTrox, we adopt the 70:20:10 learning model as a general guideline to maximise the effectiveness of the learning and development programmes through a healthy mix of opportunities and channels. As ViTrox respects individual differences and various learning styles, this model provides employees with the flexibility to shape their learning experience in a way that works for them.


Learn Through Experience

70.0% of learning happens through practical experience, and it has been proven to be the most beneficial for employees. On-the-job experience (“OJE”) enables them to discover and refine their job-related skills, make decisions, address challenges and interact with influential stakeholders. They also learn from their mistakes and receive immediate feedback on their performance.

At ViTrox, every new hire undergoes on-the-job training (“OJT”) in the first two (2) months and is guided by the OJT trainer, buddy and manager. The employees gain learning opportunities by dealing with daily work challenges.

We help employees make the most of their on-the-job learning experience by:-

  • Introducing employees to new projects that broaden their job scope
  • Expanding their decision-making authority
  • Providing opportunities for employees to manage people and projects


Learn Through Others

Research has shown that 20.0% of learning happens through feedback. Employees develop a greater self-awareness through interactions with others – whether that’s with a manager, colleague or senior leader.

Employees learn through a variety of activities that include social learning, coaching, mentoring, collaborative learning and other methods of interaction with peers. Encouragement and feedback are prime benefits of this valuable learning approach.

At ViTrox, employees are provided opportunities to participate in cross-functional projects, such as Just-in-Time (“JIT”) projects which involve Finance, Order Fulfilment, Logistics, etc.

Employees have regular opportunities to give and receive feedback on challenges and success during the quarterly one-on-one session with their managers.

Employees also learn by taking on mentoring roles or finding a mentor.


Learn Through Formal/Informal Learning

10.0% of learning happens through attending structural courses, Certified Professional Development (“CPD”) programmes and e-learning modules related to technical, soft skills, leadership and role-specific training.

After identifying the technical, functional and soft skills of employees, they will attend the relevant training according to their Individual Development Plan (“IDP”). In 2022, we organised 215 training programmes and offered 125 online courses in total.

Employees can also learn informally through various knowledge-sharing platforms. A total of 991 sharing sessions have been conducted at the corporate, interdepartmental and intradepartmental levels at ViTrox.


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