Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in ViTrox

ViTrox strongly believes that a diverse and inclusive work environment can maximise the unique and different traits of employees to create innovative ideas and build trusted relationships. Each individual in an organisation brings not only religious and cultural differences but also varying perspectives, work and life experiences.

We strive to make ViTrox feel like a second home to all employees from different races and religions. At ViTrox Campus 2.0, there is a designated surau, an Islamic assembly point used for worship. With respect to religious practices, the Company allows longer break times on Fridays for Islamic prayer time and gives meal subsidies to employees during Muslim fasting months.

ViTrox also promotes age-inclusive practices to avoid age-based stereotypes during recruitment, performance evaluations and promotions, as well as encourages intergenerational collaboration and knowledge sharing.

On top of that, ViTrox has been offering continuous support and resources to enable employees with disabilities for their full participation and success within the organisation. The Company implements accessible workplace accommodations such as disabled parking spaces, incorporates text-to-speech technology and assigns carpool drivers for our employees with disabilities.

To enhance the topic understanding for our hiring managers and all who are involved in the hiring process, in the year 2022, we organised a forum themed “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (“DEI”) in ViTrox”. A total of 53 hiring managers attended the forum.

President & Group CEO Chu Jenn Weng, who is also the ESG Steering Committee Chairman, gave an opening speech, setting the tone for the forum. He emphasised the underlying purpose of embracing and promoting DEI is to create a harmonious working environment and society. “We want to create a workplace where people from various backgrounds feel welcomed and are treated with respect and fairness as well as have the opportunity to be their best while working in one team on common goals and objectives.”


The forum speaker Chief Financial Officer Lim Kim Seng, who is an ESG Steering Committee member, highlighted that the Company adopts a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination on all bases, as stated in the Human Rights Policy. This refers to the practice of equity within employment, professional advancement and promotion among all genders, ages, nationalities, races, religions, social or ethnic origins, sexual orientations and disabilities. He also shared the Securities Commission Malaysia's recommendation for a minimum of 30% women directors on corporate boards. This recommendation is outlined in Practice 5.9 of the Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance and is aimed at fostering gender diversity and inclusivity as integral components of sound corporate practices.

Another forum speaker, People Management Senior Manager Yeoh Siew Eng, stressed on the importance of being unbiased during the hiring process. She used several case studies to explain different types of biases, such as confirmation bias, halo effect bias, horn effect bias, expectation bias, similarity attraction bias and beauty bias. Understanding the theories will help hiring managers to be more mindful when they recruit talents.

The session provided a space for healthy conversation about DEI at the workplace and promoted the awareness of DEI among ViTroxians. Striving to be a caring employer, ViTrox is committed to holding the DEI programme in 2023 and achieving at least an 80% participation rate for hiring managers, with a long-term commitment to achieving 100% participation by 2030.

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