Flexible work arrangements improve work-life harmony of ViTroxians

Flexible Work Arrangements

Taking care of employees’ health and well-being is critical to ensure high job satisfaction, productivity and retention rate. A flexible work scheme that allows employees to adjust their work schedules according to personal needs and commitments can improve morale and productivity and lower absenteeism. It can also augment our human resource programmes to attract and retain top talents and reduce employee turnover rate.

This year, ViTrox expanded the flexible work arrangements by introducing new hybrid work arrangements and extending flexible working hours to improve the work-life harmony of our employees.

Work from Home
Since 2020, we have facilitated work from home arrangements for those employees with potential exposure to the COVID-19, especially at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, or employees who are unwell. We also designed guidelines to allow eligible employees to apply for work from home (“WFH”) or work remotely on a long-term basis. In 2022, we launched the WFH arrangements to provide flexibility to our people whose jobs can be performed from home and at the same time achieve better work-life harmony while sustaining excellent services to our customers.

Flexible Working Hours
We grant flexible working hours by giving our people an option to apply for time off and replace the hours on an earlier or a later date. In 2022, we extended flexible working hours based on the nature of work and personal needs, including family care, to meet the requirements of different work hours or time zones.

With flexible work arrangements, our people can avoid being trapped in traffic jams thereby reducing carbon emissions. The flexible arrangements also accommodate employees for attending to personal matters, as our core values emphasise caring for our people.

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