New Human Rights Policy outlines ViTrox's commitment to upholding human rights and labour standards

Human Rights Policy

In 2022, we published a new Human Rights Policy, which sets out our commitments and adherence to human rights and labour standards, hoping that all employees can act in accordance with the guiding principles while engaging in their daily work and performing the required businesses.

Our People Management department is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing all issues regarding human rights, forced labour and child labour.

Our Human Rights Policy underlines our commitments as shown below.

Prohibit Forced Labour, Child Labour and Human Trafficking

ViTrox complies with all applicable local and national labour laws and regulations in the countries we operate. Child labour, forced labour and human trafficking are prohibited, as stated in the Human Rights Policy and SCOC. We do not hire children below the age set by the current laws and regulations. All young persons shall be protected from performing any work that is likely to be hazardous or harmful to the individual’s health, physical, mental, social, spiritual or moral development. In addition, we do not engage or hire people against their own free will.

All Working Hours Do Not Exceed the Maximum Set by Local Laws and Regulations

In our efforts to reduce excessive working hours, ViTrox complies with the Employment Act 1955 and other local and national laws and regulations related to working hours and overtime. All work, including overtime work, will be voluntary and compensated at the prevailing overtime rates; and ViTroxians are free to leave upon reasonable notice. The use of misleading or fraudulent practices during the recruitment of ViTroxians is not tolerated; and charging recruitment fees to the ViTroxians is prohibited, especially to foreign workers.

Zero (0) Tolerance to Misconduct, Bullying and Harassment

ViTrox has zero (0) tolerance to misconduct, bullying and harassment. We conduct periodic risk assessments to monitor and identify the existing and potential new opportunities and risks related to human rights matters. We do not mandate ViTroxians to hand over government-issued identification, passports or work permits as a condition of employment. For 2022, ViTrox recorded zero (0) cases of disputes regarding labour standards and human rights.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

ViTrox complies with all applicable local laws and regulations which grant all employees the right to freedom of association, expression and opinion as well as collective bargaining. ViTrox supports the rights of employees to freely and voluntarily form or join occupational associations and unions as well as take part in collective bargaining.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

ViTrox practises equal remuneration for work of equal value, which means paying men and women equally for work that is of equal skill and responsibility and is performed under comparable conditions.

Non-discrimination and Equal Opportunity

We take initiatives to continuously improve workforce diversity, provide equal opportunities and reduce discrimination. Everyone gets an equal opportunity to be hired, developed and promoted regardless of his/her race, religion, gender, age, social or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, disabilities and nationality. The basis for recruitment, hiring, placement, development, training, compensation and advancement are justified through qualifications, performance, skills and experience.

Human Rights Policy

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