ViTroxians self-initiate volunteer activities for environmental sustainability

Apart from the regular volunteer activities, we encourage our people to serve voluntarily through community service and social activities. Through the V-SERVE Programme, ViTroxians participate in various external volunteer activities, some of which are in collaboration with other groups and agencies.


ViTroxians have regularly conducted self-initiated volunteer activities including beach cleaning and recycling activity. In 2022, there were 12 groups of employees who volunteered for beach cleaning in Penang. The locations include Pantai Teluk Duyung (also known as Monkey Beach), Pantai Bersih Bagan Ajam, Robina Eco Park, etc. The objectives of beach cleaning are to clean up the litter and marine debris on the beaches, protect and preserve the health of beaches and coastline environment, and raise awareness on environmental protection.


In the same year, five (5) groups of employees volunteered for the recycling activity. At Penang Tzu-Chi Recycling Education Centre, the volunteer ViTroxians have learned recycling practices and recyclable waste segregation.


Occasionally, ViTroxians also join efforts of external groups to create a positive impact in our communities and environment. On 6 May 2023, ViTroxians from ViTrox Academy led a group of ViTrox College students to participate in the Earth Day event organised by the American Chemical Society USM International Student Chapter. The event theme was “The Importance of Mangrove Trees”, and the collaborative efforts resulted in the successful planting of 300 mangrove trees in Penang state.

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