ViTrox Supports Suppliers and SMEs in Manufacturing Transformation

Penang Automation Cluster Sdn. Bhd. (“PAC”) is one of the most important key suppliers to ViTrox. As ViTrox is embarking on the digitalisation journey with Industry 4.0, we bring along our key suppliers who are keen to make these significant changes in this new norm of manufacturing transformation.


Designed with many innovative features and customisable integration, V-ONE® plays an essential role in supporting PAC’s real-time production process monitoring. The deployment helps engineers and technicians to easily visualise the machine’s threshold limit, machine utilisation (“MU”), overall equipment efficiency, etc. Providing further visibility across the entire production line, V-ONE® helps PAC save their operating cost and reduce the process time cycle.

To reduce the costs of data extraction software and licensing, PAC utilises V-ONE® gateway integration to interpret the machining controller signal parameters and translate them into a unified parameter for engineers. That way, they can easily read and work on the charts, analyse the machine data and be automatically triggered before the machine breaks down.

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