Creating Company-wide ESG Awareness on e-Learning Platform


In our pursuit of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, ViTrox is unwaveringly committed to making a net-positive impact. Recognising the pivotal role of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) awareness in our journey, we are initiating a comprehensive e-learning programme for all permanent employees, contract workers, interns and students. The programme is set as part of the induction programme because of its importance.

ESG awareness is not merely a passing trend but a critical element in our collective effort toward a better future. We firmly believe that embracing ESG principles aligns seamlessly with ViTrox's overarching purpose to contribute to the advancement of society and the well-being of humankind through compassionate innovation.

The educational material has been deliberately designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the relevance of ESG and its compatibility with our principles. This programme is organised into three (3) modules, each of which is important in increasing comprehension and engagement.

The first (1st) and second (2nd) part of the module features a video introduction designed to cultivate a foundational understanding of the core concepts of ESG, their profound impact on both business and society and the five (5) ESG core themes of our Company. This includes a noteworthy address by Mr Chu Jenn Weng, ViTrox's ESG Steering Committee Chairman, introducing the essence of ESG principles and their importance in our corporate context. In this segment, Mr. Chu provides a compelling speech that delves into the core tenets of ESG. His insights underscore the importance of these principles and highlight their direct alignment with ViTrox's purpose, vision and core values.

The third (3rd) module is dedicated to showcasing real-life stories exemplifying ViTrox's ESG initiatives and accomplishments over the past years. This segment offers a glimpse into a diverse range of efforts, from our sustainable consumption cycle to STEM educational programs. These stories aim to resonate with our employees, providing tangible examples of how ViTrox's commitment to ESG has translated into meaningful actions.

The achievements and milestones attained in our ESG journey serve as a testament to ViTrox's unwavering commitment. Beyond fulfilling our environmental responsibilities, we aim to inspire our people on the benefits of doing such initiatives to make life better by sharing our insights and stories. We seek to raise awareness among our people, fostering a deeper understanding of the concrete steps we have taken to integrate ESG principles into our daily lives.

In essence, this e-learning programme is not just an educational endeavour but a strategic move to create awareness. Not only that, it is aligned with ViTrox’s values to inspire a broader community to join this sustainable and compassionate journey for a greater future.


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