Employee Well-Being at the Heart of ViTrox’s Success


In today's fast-paced corporate world, prioritising employee well-being has become a top priority for success. ViTrox understands the importance of nurturing a balanced work environment, and we hosted a series of engaging events to promote employee well-being and mental health awareness throughout the year 2023.

Reveal to Heal – Understanding Mental Health and Counseling

Mental health is paramount to overall well-being, and ViTrox is unwavering in our commitment to creating awareness and providing support for employees. Our forum session offered a platform for 87 employees to openly discuss mental health issues and counselling. By fostering empathy and open dialogue, we aim to break down the barriers of stigma surrounding mental health. Our goal is to make it easier for employees to seek help when they need it. This forum marks a significant step in that direction.

Stress at the Workplace and Self-Care Tips

Stress is an undeniable part of any job, but managing it is vital for employee well-being. We organised a talk on stress and self-care tips featuring guest speaker, Dato’ Professor Dr. See Ching Mey from Loh Guan Lye Specialist Centre. With an impressive 313 employees attending the event, we aimed to equip our people with the tools to manage stress effectively, enhancing productivity, job satisfaction, and overall well-being.

5 Love Languages in the Workplace Workshop

We believe in cultivating a positive and supportive workplace culture. We recently hosted a workshop to empower our employees to explore their primary love languages and apply these languages as a means of appreciation in the workplace. With 38 employees participating, this workshop successfully promoted self-awareness and strengthened employee relationships, fostering a more harmonious work environment.

Our mental health events have played a crucial role in promoting self-awareness, understanding mental health, and offering essential self-care strategies. We believe that a thriving and motivated workforce is the foundation of success. To maintain an ideal employee engagement level, we conduct an annual employee engagement survey to gauge social impact on our people and aim to achieve 95% of the overall employee satisfaction rate by 2023 and 2030. We'll continue investing in initiatives that support our people’s well-being and professional growth to build a happy, healthy and resilient organisation.


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