Infusing Warmth into “Cold” Machines

Our Philanthropic Strategy

ViTrox has established our philanthropic strategy which consists of three (3) main themes, mainly: (i) Driving for Environmental Sustainability, (ii) Nurturing Talents and (iii) Alleviating Poverty, which is aligned with UN SDGs.

Our core values are the basic tenets of ViTrox’s shared beliefs that drive us to think, say and do the right things every day in pursuit of both individual and corporate success. We recognise our social obligations to our local communities to create shared value and reduce negative impacts; we believe giving back to our community is essential.

As ViTrox experiences strong economic growth over the years, the amount of resources we consume increases in tandem with business expansion. We have a social responsibility to drive for environmental sustainability. Therefore, we dedicate resources to advance in the field of green technology and adopt environmentally friendly practices in our day-to-day operations.

Besides, we collaborate with local colleges and universities to support the hiring of local talent, encourage volunteerism among our employees and arrange charity fundraising events to help those in need. The ultimate objective of our ongoing efforts is to create a positive influence in the community.

Upholding the vision of being the world’s most trusted technology company, ViTrox is a corporate not only about making profits, but also about making a net-positive impact on the world. We were truly moved by the quote, “How to infuse warmth into ’cold’ machines?”, which encapsulates our mission of infusing compassion and humanistic values into everything we do. It’s not just about what we achieve as a business, but also how we make people feel.

Driving for Environmental Sustainability

The drive for sustainability begins from the operations of our Company. We aim to create a culture of compassionate innovation at ViTrox. We develop technologies and solutions with empathy, focusing on improving the well-being of individuals and society as a whole. With that in mind, we think of ways to reduce electronic waste and increase production efficiency. We have been introducing environmentally friendly and socially responsible products, which reflects our ESG goal to have at least two (2) NPIs per year. Through significant investments in agricultural technologies, we strive to improve food security for our nation, ultimately uplifting the living standards for all. We have been cultivating a culture of consuming earth-friendly meals, which benefits our planet, but also promotes a healthier and more sustainable way of life.

Nurturing Talents

The motto “Education is too important to be neglected, even in poverty (再穷,也不能穷教育)” inspires us to be firm in our belief that education is the key to building on the standard of living for individuals and communities. Hence, ViTrox has made philanthropy a part of our corporate social responsibility. We contribute to the social development of human capital through various upskilling and uplifting activities for local communities. Our efforts mainly focus on providing accessible, affordable and quality education in STEM and humanistic culture. At the same time, we aim to support underprivileged and deserving students with scholarships, study grants and study assistance. We hold a strong conviction that education is the key to unlocking and unleashing the potential of individuals and communities. Our commitment to nurturing talents is not just a token gesture but a conscious effort to give back to society and create a net-positive impact. We understand that every individual represents a world of possibilities, and by supporting education, we can ignite a brighter future for all. Together, let’s create a world where education is a beacon of hope for generations to come.

Alleviating Poverty

At ViTrox, philanthropy is more than just giving back to the community (回馈社会). It is about instilling a sense of compassion and gratitude in our people and inspiring them to serve whole-heartedly through community service and social activities. Encouraging our employees to volunteer not only benefits the community, but also helps them cultivate a sense of empathy (同理心) and a deeper understanding of the needs of others. By witnessing the struggles of others, they learn to self-reflect (自我反思) and be more grateful for their blessings. We strongly believe that a heart filled with gratitude is more willing to give and create more blessings for others (知福,惜福,再造福). It is our hope that the spirit of compassion (慈悲心) and gratitude (感恩心) will permeate through our culture and inspire our people not just to be better professionals, but better human beings as well.

Moreover, our commitment to philanthropy extends to our customers and suppliers. By doing more charitable activities, we demonstrate to customers that good deeds can make a difference; therefore, we also encourage them to join us in contributing back to society through the customer survey programme. As trust is at the core of all our actions, the charitable activities also reflect the Company’s core values (核心价值观), I.A.C.T.G., and our sincerity to building stronger relationships with all of our stakeholders, including our customers.

In conclusion, our commitment to improve the well-being of humankind is grounded in our desire to cultivate a culture of compassion, gratitude and trust within and beyond our Company. At the core of our beliefs is the persistent faith in serving others for their joy and fulfillment, which also brings the same to ourselves. This is why we consciously know that every act of kindness and generosity we extend to those in need will ripple outwards, creating positive change in our communities and beyond.

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