Transformative Sustainability: Converting Waste Paper to Honeycomb Wrappers


In Malaysia, a staggering 57,000 tonnes of paper, occupying 456,000 cubic meters of landfill space, are discarded annually – a toll equivalent to falling 680,000 marketable-sized trees according to research conducted by International Islamic University Malaysia. To counteract this ecological threat and prolong the lifespan of waste carton boxes at ViTrox, we transform waste carton boxes into honeycomb wrappers, offering a green alternative to traditional paper and plastic packaging.

Reducing landfill waste extends benefits beyond economic viability. Every recycled carton box transformed into a honeycomb paper wrapper further aids in the reduction of carbon emissions, making a commendable contribution to the fight against climate change.

The process begins with the collection of carton boxes from manufacturing floors and the warehouse. From January 2023 to December 2023, the total collection of 2,346kg carton boxes was converted into 2,129kg of honeycomb wrappers by using shredding machines, which is equivalent to avoiding 5.4tCO2 emissions.

Economically, this initiative stands as a wise choice. Recycling cardboard emerges as a cost-effective alternative to acquiring and processing new materials, presenting businesses with a financially sound, sustainable option. There were also 47 ViTroxians from nine (9) departments orchestrated through volunteering, contributing 506 volunteering hours (a sum of 317 non-working hours and 189 working hours). Volunteer hours invested in this activity not only contribute to warehouse efficiency but also involve a sense of community and shared commitment.

At its core, recycling is a collective effort. Initiatives like this not only foster green practices but also instil a shared commitment to environmental responsibility. In essence, the journey from waste paper carton boxes to honeycomb paper wrappers is a testament to the transformative power of sustainable business practices rooted in ESG principles. This initiative creates a positive ripple effect, weaving a narrative of environmental resilience, economic prosperity and social harmony.


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