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16th April 2020 - ViTrox Introduces the World Largest Inspection Solution - V810i S2XLW AXI Solution and V510i XLW AOI Solution With Enhanced Reliability, Accuracy and Safety

PENANG MALAYSIA - April 2020 - ViTrox Technologies, a leading solution provider of innovative, advanced and cost-effective automated Machine Vision inspection system and equipment for the semiconductor and electronics packaging industries, revolutionizes the assembly process with the latest released XLW Generation of two of ViTrox Machine Vision inspection solutions - V810i Advanced 3D X-ray Inspection System (AXI) solution, V510i Advanced 3D Optical Inspection System (AOI) solution. The XLW generation has now expanded the inspection capability to inspect the printed circuit board (PCB) weighing up to 25kg which can handle the heaviest and largest size PCB board on the market.

The New V810i S2XLW Advanced 3D X-Ray Inspection System (AXI) Solution

The smart V810i S2XLW AXI solution offers the world-class board inspection capabilities and software compatible with Industry 4.0 for quality-assured inspection results. With its latest capability, the largest and heaviest PCB board weighing up to 25kg and up to 1.3m x 1.3m (length x width) in size can be accommodated and inspected.

In particular, the solution features an Algebraic Reconstruction Technique (ART) with a model of sharp geometric 3D computed tomography (CT) to ease users in performing accurate results of defect classification.

Machines can produce the best image quality in second with digital tomosynthesis and ViTrox X-ray Autofocus Technology. In addition to the comprehensive algorithm of V810i S2XLW AXI, the machine is capable of inspecting all forms of defects in the Surface Mounting Technology (SMT) and Through Hole Technology (THT) components.

Furthermore, the X-ray radiation monitoring & system alert allow users to monitor the radiation exposures on the component to avoid overexposure of sensitive components and cause damage. Lightning programming is able to ease and speed up programming time that brings the benefit of time-saving. Lastly, ViTrox machines are able to support various production environments such as low mix high volume, high mix low volume and more. It is known to be the world fastest 3D automated inspection AXI system that could cope with the SMT throughput.

The New V510i XLW Advanced 3D Optical Inspection System (AOI) solution

Meanwhile, the V510i AOI solution also introduced a new XLW model designed with the greatest capability to inspect PCB boards weighing up to 25kg and up to 1.3m x 1.3m (length x width) in size.

Additionally, the solution includes a high-speed inspection and Artificial Intelligence programming methodology that delivers the best and fastest programming to the ultimate throughput. In other words, optimal quality is assured for stakeholders to maximize production efficiency performance and quality inspection outcomes.

ViTrox Automated programming technology with Artificial Intelligence eliminates the dependency of the skilful engineer to develop a quality program with the shortest program development cycle time. Integrated with our internal developed light source and projectors with outstanding frame rate, ViTrox V510i 3D AOI will provide the maximum throughput exceeding your production line expectation. In other words, it guarantees the ultimate output and best quality inspection.

With ViTrox Advanced Vision Technologies - the 3D Phase Shift Profilometry (PSP) methodology and adaptive concurrent lighting, ViTrox AOI remains one of the world-class best solutions with impressive image quality leading to the best-in-class detection capabilities for SMT defects. Through the collaborative use of the V510i AOI solution with V-ONE, ViTrox AOI will move towards the journey of Smart Manufacturing path-beyond the conventional inspection solutions.

Connecting SMT Equipment with The Industry 4.0 V-ONE Solution

V-ONE, the Industry 4.0 solution for digital factories developed by ViTrox, offers real-time analytics data with its features of Industrial Digital Twin in the networked manufacturing process through a highly customizable open platform. With this feature, V-ONE allows stakeholders to connect, visualize, monitor, control, and implement proactive condition-based action and enhance the productivity in the production line. Besides, V-ONE is also featured in the Command Centre Cockpit, for decision-makers to command and control the production environment, which significantly optimizes the manufacturing process.

Ultimately with the XLW generation of V810i S2 AXI solution and V510i AOI solution, it allows stakeholders to generate quality inspection results with their capacity to handle all kinds of large and heavy PCB boards. Along with applying V-ONE across the smart manufacturing line, stakeholders can optimize PCB quality control and maximize the output efficiency while V-ONE caters automatically to different digital manufacturing processes with its highly customizable open platform according to stakeholders’ requirements.

“In the semiconductor and electronics packaging industries, where quality assurance is important, the effectiveness of high-precision, high-quality Machine Vision inspection solution has become critical,” said Mr Wee Kah Khim, the Chief Business Development Officer of ViTrox Technologies. “ViTrox will continue to take action to the needs of the market by leveraging the accumulated knowledge and experience that it has gained throughout its journey as a leading innovator in the field of automated Machine Vision technology.”

About ViTrox Technologies

ViTrox is headquartered in Penang, Malaysia, and with offices in Asia, Germany, and the United States. Currently, ViTrox is well recognized as one of the world-leading automated Machine Vision inspection solution providers with an extensive installed base and sales & support sites in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Since its inception in 2000, ViTrox is committed to providing the most innovative, advanced and cost-effective Machine Vision solution of excellent quality to its customers through the integration of technology, people and strategic alliances. ViTrox offers a full range of automated 3D Machine Vision inspection solutions including Back-end Semiconductor Vision Inspection, Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) Inspection, Electronic Communication System, Intelligent Advanced Robotic Vision System, Embedded Electronic Solution, and Industry 4.0 Smart Solution.

ViTrox serves more than 400 worldwide customers in over 40 countries, compromising Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) companies, PCBA manufacturers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Original Design Manufacturers (ODM), Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers and Contract Manufacturers (CM) worldwide. In addition, ViTrox has installed more than 20,000 vision systems and over 2,000 inspection machines globally.

ViTrox received more than 70 national and international recognitions and awards for its outstanding performance in product development and corporate performance, as well as human resource development. Furthermore, ViTrox was named 4 times in a row as one of the 200 Best Under a Billion company by Forbes Asia in the year of 2011, 2015, 2017 & 2019.

sourced from: SMTnet