Media Release

17th August 2017 - ViTrox and KIC Establish Cooperation and Connectivity

KIC announced a new business relationship with ViTrox Corporation. ViTrox, the leader in visual inspection and production line dashboard systems, and KIC, the smart oven technology company, have established this new business relationship to meet the needs of the evolving electronics industry. The need for real-time data and insight from production machines and inspection systems is growing rapidly as the electronic manufacturing industry converts factories into smart production facilities. While real-time dashboard and traceability systems have been around for some time, the ‘black box’ reflow process has been a glaring omission in such systems. The ViTrox V-One system will connect to KIC’s automatic profiling and thermal monitoring systems to offer a full line solution.

ViTrox Director of Marketing, Gary Leong, stated: “We are excited to begin this Industry 4.0 journey with KIC, a well-established and well-known company in automated thermal process tools and systems for the electronics industry. We are confident with the partnership with thermal process information coupled with inspection results and parameters; automated vision inspection can be smarter.”

Freddie Chan, GM of KIC Asia commented: “We are very happy to work with this trailblazing company to enable them to fill in the missing link. The thermal process is a critical part of electronic assembly, and connecting KIC’s automatic systems with the ViTrox V-One will provide further visibility and insight into the entire production line. The new performance analytics and troubleshooting capabilities will lead to higher equipment utilization, consistent quality, and a new level of automation never seen before.”

Both ViTrox and KIC will showcase their respective smart factory systems at NEPCON South China in Stands 1C20 and 1N55.

sourced from: Global SMT & Packaging