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22nd December 2020 - ViTrox Partners with Jetoptech Electronics

PENANG, MALAYSIA — ViTrox Technologies, a world-leading Machine Vision inspection solution provider of innovative, advanced, and cost-effective automated 3D Machine Vision inspection solutions for the semiconductor and electronics packaging industries, announced its new partnership with Suzhou Jetoptech Electronics Co., Ltd for expanding its business in China.

Jetoptech is ViTrox's new sales channel partner which officially joined us on 1st September 2020. Jetoptech specializes in providing automotive, semiconductor, electronics solutions and education platforms. Jetoptech is registered both in Hong Kong and China while its physical office is located in Suzhou, China. They have been providing professional services to more than 170 customers and still counting. They aim to serve customers with high value-added products and services to increase customer satisfaction.

ViTrox is pleased to introduce the team of Jetoptech:

Tony Chen, the General Manager of Jetoptech, responsible for the operation of the company. He has 20 years of sales experience in the Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) industry and was awarded as one of the top sales by a reputable market player.

Allen S, the Application Manager of Jetoptech. He has 15 years of application experience in the electronics industry. Besides, he has broad knowledge in Factory Automation (FA) equipment, Computer Aided Real-Time Automation Tool (CT) software and X-ray service. He is currently in charge of the Failure Analysis Lab of Jetoptech.

Galen Peng, the Sales Manager of Jetoptech. He possesses over 10 years of sales experience of market known X-ray inspection solutions and 5 years of service experience in Surface-Mount

Technology line. He possesses broad knowledge of the Surface-Mount Technology & Semiconductor industry. He is the Sales Team Leader for the company.

Jetoptech will be representing ViTrox in promoting and selling Advanced 3D In-line X-ray Inspection System (V810i series) to the China market. ViTrox strongly believes that with the support of Jetoptech, ViTrox could further expand its business in the China region.

sourced from: US Tech