Media Release

22nd October 2017 - Heads-up for ViTrox’s participation in Productronica Germany 2017

Another spin-off of electronics industry’s world leading international trade fair for innovative electronics production is about to take place which is Productronica, a 4-days trade show that is held in Exhibition Munich at Munich, Germany from 14th November to 17th November this year end.

ViTrox is proud to announce that three of its major products will be featured on this upcoming trade fair namely V810i S2EX AXI, the V510i Optimus 3D AOI and V-ONE. Our on-site professional team will be conducting product live demonstration in Hall A2, booth #47.

The first highlight is ViTrox’s award-winning 3D product – 510i Optimus 3D AOI, one of the company’s best-selling products. It is known for its market leading in 3D AOI inspection with the usage of 2D + 3D inspection in order to achieve higher productivity. The V510i 3D AOI is enhanced with 12 Megapixels camera that guarantees high inspection quality and resolution. It resolves challenging defects such as Lifted Lead, Coplanarity, Black color PCB / Multicolor PCB, Presence / Absence and small components like 01005/ 0201 and many more defects. The revolutionary multi-angle multi-color illumination of structured lighting for 2D illumination with multiple color LEDs have the capability to allow multiple images to be acquired for each viewing. One of its competitive advantage is that it is able to boost capability which is way ahead of existing solutions in the market.

The second hot-selling product that will be showcased is V810i S2EX AXI, an Advanced 3D X-ray inspection system. Additionally, V810i S2EX AXI’s highlighted key features are Scan Path Merging (SPAM), Single Unified Management Office (SUMO), Simultaneous Efficient Reconstruction Technique (SERT), Predictive Slice Height (PSH) into a single scanning path, Phase Shift Profilometry 2 (PSP 2) that enhance the system to its optimum level of performance.

Not forgetting, ViTrox’s latest smart manufacturing software-based solution, V-ONE. V-ONE is a newly launched software-based product by ViTrox that provides an all-in-one suite of software solution to all previous or future ViTrox softwares. It connects the inspection machines in SMT production lines to monitor performances on a real-time basis. Users will be able to manage their factories smarter and faster in optimizing the factory resources across geographical locations by utilizing the features of V-ONE.

sourced from: Global SMT & Packaging