Media Release

23rd February 2017 - ViTrox Corporation and Aegis Software Announce New Programming Interface for Increased Efficiency

Aegis Software today announced the release of a new machine programming interface between ViTrox Corporation’s automated X-Rayinspection (AXI) machines and Aegis’ FactoryLogix software. This interface will give ViTrox the ability to support native CAD formats, as well as Gerber, driving faster new product introduction (NPI) for their customers.

ViTrox Corporation is an award-winning provider of AXI solutions for the semiconductor, electronics, and medical industries. In order to serve this broad range of markets, the company required a programming interface for their AXI systems that supports the varying design formats their customers encounter.

Aegis’ FactoryLogix NPI easily imports the CAD/Gerber files, auto detecting the file types, then merges them with the BOM. This provides the user with intelligent data that can be leveraged to create machine programs that import directly into the ViTrox machine(s). The end result will allow ViTrox and Aegis’ customers to create machine programs rapidly, improving efficiency and reducing cost.

“Our Partnership with Aegis is exciting news for us as their FactoryLogix software is able to connect with our vision inspection and x-ray products, especially at the NPI stage. It will help our customers achieve higher efficiency and result in reduced cost for electronics design and manufacturing," says Gary LEONG, Director of Business Development, Automated Board Inspection.

sourced from: Aegis