Media Release

16th Jun 2018 - SMTo & Co-Participation of ViTrox in 2018 SMTA Queretaro Exhibition & Tech Forum

Penang, Malaysia– June 2018 – ViTrox, “the solutions provider of innovative and market leading Total Machine Vision” hereby announces that it will co-participate with Mexico business partner, SMTo in SMTA Queretaro Exhibition &Tech Forum, which scheduled to take place on 12th July, 2018 in Queretaro, Mexico. V-ONE will be the highlighted product to be showcased in this coming Queretaro Expo & Tech Forum. V-ONE is a real time monitoring system which drives toward a highly customizable one-stop platform which offers data driven decisions in manufacturing by allowing stakeholders to remote, visualize, monitor, control and implement condition-based alerts. It allows technicians or operators to manage assigned work order and maintenance activities in a more user-friendly way. There is no doubt that V-ONE can help to maximize production efficiency and optimize production flow, at the same time it can help to save cost and time in manufacturing processes.

ViTrox has appointed SMTo to represent its Automated Board Inspection (ABI) solutions in Mexico region. SMTo has been offering professional Consulting and Support Services for the Electronic Manufacturing Market. SMTo is led by a group of elites who have more than 15 years of strong sales and technical experiences in Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry. On top of the extensive coverage throughout Mexico, SMTo also provides 24/7 phone support to customers. Moreover, during show days, we will be having on-site field experts to handle inquiry about our products, such as Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection System (SPI), Advanced Optical Inspection System (AOI), Advanced 3D X-Ray Inspection System (AXI), and Advanced Robotic Vision System (ARV). You’re most welcome to visit us on that day. We will have the professional sharing regarding the products and services by SMTo team. Please do not miss this golden opportunity to meet us in Queretaro Expo & Tech Forum. See you soon in Queretaro Expo & Tech Forum, table 40, 41 & 42!

sourced from: smttoday