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8th July 2020 - V-ONE – The Essential Infrastructure to Support the Continuity of Your Business during the New Normal

ViTrox Technologies , a world-leading Machine Vision inspection solution provider of innovative, advanced and cost-effective automated 3D Machine Vision inspection solution for the semiconductor and electronic pack aging industries, provi des V-ONE, the Industry 4.0 Smart Solution that improves infrastructure resilience to support the continuity of the business during the new normal.

As we are entering the “New Normal”, ViTrox’s V-ONE solution plays an essential role to support the businesses, especially for the real-time production process monitoring. V-ONE is designed with many innovative features, especially the digital dynamic dashboards that visualize the machines and production data information through connectivity directly via protocols, internet of things devices or extracted databases that enable users to view their manufacturing trends from the past (data trends from the past), in the present (what is the reading now) and future (what is the predictive indicators). V-ONE, The Industry 4.0 Smart Solution

Critical infrastructure is essential to sustain the continuity of business. As an Industry 4.0 Smart Solution, V-ONE caters to provide insightful analytics to users on a real-time basis with many innovative features, including data analysis, status monitoring, alert plan feature, ticketing for maintenance purpose and fully configurable dashboard. V-ONE also comes with machine learning tools built-in made easier for non IT related personnel to drag and drop process flows for their desirable machine learning processing.

V-ONE focuses its theme in CONNECT , VISUALIZE and PROACT for your manufacturing needs. Once all these 3 are done, you can embark your journey towards industrial DIGITAL TWIN.

To make a real digital transformation, it is time to think of how to weave a “digital thread” through the operations, products and services to support new customer experiences that businesses are trying to create. V-ONE will be able to assist users to move towards digital transformation and preparing the business for Industry 4.0 while creating higher-level breakthroughs in the operational performance of “cost, delivery and quality”.

Having an interest in trying out V-ONE? ViTrox offers many types of V-ONE package for users to subscribe based on their needs. Feel free to reach out to ViTrox experts on for more information about ViTrox’s products and services.

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