Media Release

8th March 2017 - The First Ever ViTrox ‘s User Group Meeting (UGM) in Penang!

ViTrox Technologies, the solutions provider of innovative, advanced and cost-effective automated vision inspection systems and equipment for the semiconductor and electronics packaging industries, today announced that it’s going to host the first ever User Group Meeting (UGM) at ViTrox headquarter on 31st March 2017.

This coming UGM is the first UGM which will be hosted in Penang headquarter after few roundss of UGM conducted in other countries. ViTrox is going to invite the local Malaysia customers and ready to share the in-depth technical information with them!

On that day, ViTrox will present the full range of inspection solutions, from Back-end Semiconductor to SMT Assembly Line Inspection systems, not to forget the innovative new software-based product, V-ONE. The agenda of that day has included the technical product sharings by ViTrox’s field experts from different business units. Customers are able to have a deeper understanding about ViTrox full product line in one day!

Moreover, a detailed Plant Tour will be prepared for participants to experience the live demonstrations of each product on the spot! Additionally, networking and Q&A sessions will be organized for everyone to exchange user and field experience and also to win mistery gift!

sourced from: Global SMT & Packaging