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9th July 2020 - ViTrox Introduces New Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection Solution

ViTrox Technologies, a world-leading solution provider of innovative, advanced and cost-effective Automated Machine Vision inspection system and equipment for the Semiconductor and Electronics Assembly industries, is pleased to introduce the V310i Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection System (API) designed to cater for the need of integrated vision solution for Smart Manufacturing.

The Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection Solution plays an essential role in guaranteeing the quality and quantity of the solder paste printing in the SMT line. Solder paste printing is a complicated process and it contributes to defects from many factors. It depends on the volume of particle balls deposited on the pads to achieve a good product.

The V310i API system is a high speed and high-resolution 3D solder paste inspection system that enables high-accuracy inspection with the shortest cycle time. The system is integrated with many technological features, such as Advanced Warpage Compensation, Auto Pads and Component learning, Auto Warpage Mapping capabilities coupled with the machine to machine closed-loop features which have created significant value differentiation from other market players.

In order for users to cover all types of solder paste while the sizes of solder balls are getting smaller and smaller, the vision resolution of inspection becomes challenging than before. Therefore, ViTrox provides customers with the V310i API Solution that offers variable fine lens to prepare for customer selection based on their products for pads measurements of solder deposit. The accuracy of 3D measurement on Area, Volume, Height is able to reduce the rework cost and achieve high-quality product.

ViTrox also offers various solder paste inspection platforms to cover different production needs such as V310i 3D standard, V310i 3D XL and V310i 3D XXL. V310i 3D XL is a brand new model. This model is suitable to serve major industries such as communication, consumer electronics, automotive, medical industries with the capability of handling board weight up to 7 kg and 510 mm x 510 mm board size for Single Lane or 460 mm x 325 mm for Dual Lane. Meanwhile, 95% of V310i API parts are similar with V510i Advanced 3D Optical Inspection (AOI), thus, the V510i AOI and V310i API are able to share the same wear and tear spare parts to reduce the investment cost.

Overall, ViTrox debuts the complete SMT inspection solutions with of Advanced 3D Solder Inspection system that works hand in hand with V510i AOI, V810i Advanced 3D X-Ray Inspection (AXI) and V9i Advanced Robotic Vision (ARV) for the SMT manufacturing line.

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