V510i XXL : Advanced Optical Inspection System (AOI)

The V510i XXL AOI system is a next generation solution for the SMT line, offering the powerful 3D inspection capabilities.
2d + 3d advanced optical inspection (aoi) v510i xxl
System V510i XXL
System Performances
Inspection Functions Missing, Offset, Skewed, Polarity, Billboard, Tombstone, Lifted/Bent Leads, Excess/Insufficient Solder, Overturn, Bridging, Wrong Part (OCV Marking),
Pin Through Hole (Solderability & Pin Detection), Package Coplanarity, Lifted Lead (Height Measurement), Foreign Material Detection, Polarity Dimple Measurement
Board & Component Level Tracebility Camera-Read Barcodes; External Barcode Reader Configured; OCR Capability with Batch Code Logging
System Hardware
Operating System Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)
Camera & FOV Size 12MP Coaxpress Camera
60x45 mm @ 15um resolution
Optical Resolution Default: 15um telecentric lens*
Option: 13um telecentric lens*
Option: 8um telecentric lens*
Inspection Speed 4MP @ 20μm resolution: 22-37cm²/sec
12MP @ 15μm resolution: 45-60cm²/sec
3D Technologies Phase Shift Profilometry’s (PSP) Methodology with 4-way projectors
Lighting Module Concurrent Lighting Module
X-Y Gantry System Gantry Robot Systems with Linear Motor and Optical Linear Encoders
Conveyor Width Adjustment Auto Width Adjustment; Bottom-Up Clamping; In-line SMEMA
PCB Dimension SL FDL
Maximum PCB Size (L x W) 620mmx690mm (24.4”x27.1”)
Option:1200mmx690mm (47.2”x27.2”)
DL Equal: 620mmx325mm (24.4”x12.7”)
Single Lane: 620mmx600mm (24.4”x23.6”)
Option: DL Equal: 960mmx325mm (37.8”x12.7”)
Single Lane: 960mmx600mm (37.7”x23.6”)
Minimum PCB Size (L x W) 50mmx50mm (2”x2”) 50mmx50mm (2”x2”)
Maximum PCB Inspectable Area (L x W) 620mmx683mm (24.4”x27.1”)
Option:1200x683mm (47.2”x27.2”)
DL Equal: 620mmx318mm (24.4”x12.5”)
Single Lane: 620mmx593mm (24.4”x23.3”)
Option: DL Equal: 960mmx318mm (37.8”x12.5”)
Single Lane: 960mmx593mm (37.7”x23.3”)
Maximum PCB Thickness 15mm (0.59") 8mm (0.31")
Minimum PCB Thickness 0.5mm (0.02") 0.5mm (0.02")
Maximum PCB Weight 7kg
Upgradeable option: 15kg
Top Clearance of PCB 50mm 50mm
Bottom Clearance of PCB 70mm 70mm
PCB Edge Clearance 3.5mm (0.14”) 3.5mm (0.14”)
PCB Transport Height 890mm - 965mm
PCB Temperature Ambient operating temperature is ~5⁰C to 40⁰C, maximum PCB temperature 80⁰C.
Power and Environmental
Power Supplies 100-120 V, 16A/200-240V, 8A Single Phase
Air requirement 0.6 Mpa/85 psi
System footprint (Width X Depth X Height) 1410mm x 1500mm x 2207mm
Total system weight ~1180 kgs
* Based on system configuration
   Specifications are subject to change.