Post Seal Vision Inspection Handler VR20i G2

VR20i G2
is here to improve your production line with Quality Consistency, Operation Cost and Time Reduction!


  • Replace conventional human visual inspection.
  • Improve quality consistency.
  • Reduce operation cost.
  • Reduce operation time.
  • Certified International Quality & Safety Assurance.


Dual Tracks

Dual tracks design minimizes machine idle time.The devices are being forwarded through first track while inspection is being performed through second track.

Auto Track and Dummy Reel Width Conversion

Auto track and auto dummy reel width conversion tape width from 8,12,16, 24 and 32 mm with system trigger.

Auto Tape Insert into Dummy Reel

Auto tape insert into dummy reel feature reduce human interaction with machine and reduce machine stoppages.

Multiple Vision Systems

Multiple vision system perform tape seal inspection, mark inspection, package inspection, lead inspection and bottom carrier tape inspection.

Enhanced Auto Labelling

Enhanced auto labelling module with more precise and higher label sticker capacity.

AUX Vision Systems*

AUX vision system perform 2.5D lead inspection, slanted mark inspection, color inspection and other customization.


Inspection Criteria

Tape Seal Inspection

Lead Inspection

Mark Inspection

Bottom Carrier Tape Inspection


Specifications are subject to change.