V9i Final Inspection (FI)
Designed for safety and quality-ensured final assembly inspection that involves co-work between human and the robot.

Key Benefits

Final assembly visual inspection
Uncompromized inspection coverage - mimic human inspection angle
Optional combination of conformal coating & final inspection in a common system
Flexible inspection platform - workbench or conveyor
Height measurement option
Compact in size

Breakthrough Technologies
Motorized Angle Lightning to Cater for Complex Assembly

With the state-of-the-art patented technology from ViTrox, which enables variable lighting angle for defect detection.

Precise Height Measurement through Laser Profiler

Trusted technology for accurate and repeatable results. Through laser profiler, the system extracts the profile and performs accurate height measurement.

Specialized Final Inspection Solution for Various Industries & Applications
Automated final inspection to replace manual inspection at the last gate to identify product defects before it is shipped. With V9i FI, it helps users to conduct a comprehensive detection such as cosmetic and assembly quality inspection. It serves various industry sectors such as automotive, industrial assemblies, telecommunication, etc.
2-in-1 (ultimate) Inspection Capability
The V9i system combines both final inspection and conformal coating inspection capabilities into one system. Less is more: With a one-time investment, the user could enjoy multiple inspection capabilities.

Coating Inspection:

  1. Coating on Keep-Out Zone/Area
  2. Insufficient/Missing coating
  3. Foreign Object on coating
  4. Coating bubble
  5. Orange Peel
  6. Excess Coating
  7. Coating Scratch

Final Inspection:

  1. Absence/Presence
  2. Polarity
  3. Dent/Damage
  4. Foreign/Extra Object
  5. Misalignment/Gap
  6. OCR
  7. Barcode
  8. Label
  9. Glue Inspection
  10. Pin Inspection