6-sided Inspection

The V910i is designed to replace the conventional manual inspection, to enable consistant inspection results. The flipper is included as one of the features to extend the test coverage to top and bottom surfaces.

robotic vision inspection system with presence absence algorithm v910i (avr)
Presence/Absence Algorithm

The absence & presence of a particular SMT component will be detected by the difference in term of gray scale values of ‘Blue’ Box, ‘Yellow’ Box & ‘Pink’ Box as shown in the figures above. This feature provides robust inspection capability to meet production needs.

Capability: Insensitive to Gold Finger Finishing

A customized lighting and algorithm are developed to detect solder on gold finger that is robust to variance in gold finger surface finishing from different PCB suppliers. It is less sensitive to the change of color on the surface finishing.

features insensitive fold finger arv v910i
Auto Tray Changing for Pass Tray
V910i is equipped with the capability to separate good and bad product into different trays. To minimize the human handling, the empty incoming tray will be transferred automatically and become the buffer tray for passed units.