V920i : Advanced Robotic Vision System (ARV)

Designed for automotive pressure transducer units inspection and dimension measurement.
advanced robotic vision system (arv) v920i
System V920i ARV
Inspection Coverage
Defects & Measurement Coverage Cosmetic defects (Dent/notch, burr & stain) & dimension measurement (Length, angle, run-out, parallelism & concentricity)
Inspected Devices Automotive parts
Throughput 600 UPH
Inspection Capabilities
Maximum detectable object size (mm) 20 (Field Of View: 20mmx20mm)
Inspection Coverage Dimension & Cosmetic
Inspectable Dimension tolerance (mm) '+/- 0.05 (Cgk >1.33 ; GRR <10%)
*Minimum feature 0.06mm
Hardware System
Pick and place Mechanism 2 x SCARA Robots
Camera 4MP Monochrome Cameras (3 units); 12MP Monochrome Cameras (1 unit); Pixel size: 11um, 18µm
Lens Telecentric lens: Side 1 Station; FIxed Focal Length Len: Side 2, Top & Bottom Stations
Light Source Bottom Station: Ring, Segmented & Coaxial
Side 1 Station: Collimated Backlight
Side 2 Station: Curved Ring
Top Station: Ring, Segmented & Coaxial
Inner Burr Station (Optional)
Computer System Workstation; Intel Xeon Processor; 16GB RAM; 1x500GB SATA HDD; 1X120GB SSD HDD; 21 inch wide screen monitor
Graphic Card Nvidia GeForce GTX 960
Host Protocols 10/100/1000-Base Ethernet; TCP/IP or MS Network
Device Input Form Tray (up to 5 trays)
Device Output Form Tray (up to 5 trays); 1 Reject Tray
Software System
Operating System Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Data Transfer Interface DVD/CD-RW, USB drives and Ethernet
Software Option ViTrox Verification Tool Solution (VVTS)
Power Requirements
Power Supplies 220 VAC (10Amp)
Air requirements 400 kPa compressed air
System Dimensions
Width 2235mm
Dept 1600mm
Height 1800mm (Without Tower Light)
Weight ~1200 kgs