V9i FI : Advanced Robotic Vision (ARV)

Specialized Final Inspection Solution for various industries & applications with motorized angle lighting
advanced robotic vision system (arv) v9i
System Performances V9i Final Inspection (FI)
Inspection Functions V9i FI provides a wide coverage of final products inspection through the flexibility of multi-angle robotic arms and able to apply rule based & self-learn algorithms to cater for different industry sectors.
System Type Stand alone system integrated with Cobot
Inspection Coverage Polarity/ Orientation, Absense/Presence, Knock-off, Component Chip-off, Foreign Object, PCB Exposed Copper, Assembly Inspection, Label Print Inspection, Label Quality Inspection, Connector Inspection, Height Measurement
Board & Component Level Tracebility Camera-Read Barcodes; External Barcode Reader Configured
System Hardware
Computer System Intel Core i7, 32GB/64GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 1TB HDD
Operating System Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)
Camera & FOV Size USB3.0, Teli Color 5MP, FOV 65mm*65mm
Optical Resolution ~32µm/pixel
Inspection Speed 30cm²/s
Lighting Module Motorized RGBW + Coaxial Lighting or UVW + Coaxial Lighting
X-Y-Z Axis Repeatabilty  ±50μm
PCB Dimension
Minimum PCB Size 50mm (L) x 50mm (W)
Maximum PCB Size 510mm (L) x 510mm (W)
Thickness Measurement
Minimum Thickness N/A
Power and Environmental
Power Supplies 100-120 V, 16A/200-240V, 8A Single Phase
System footprint (Width X Depth X Height) 696mm x 893mm x 1600mm (normal robot operating height)
Total system weight 350kgs
* Specifications are subject to change.