V310i : Advanced 3D Paste Inspection (API)

V310i Advanced 3D Paste Inspection System (API) solution.
95% part similarity between 3D AOI and 3D API able to share same wear and tear spare part with 3D AOI.
Solder paste inspection system (api) V310i
PCB Dimension V310i
Maximum PCB Size (L x W) 510x510mm (20”x20”)
Minimum PCB Size (L x W) 50x50mm (2”x2”)
PCB Thickness 0.5mm-4mm (0.02”-0.16”)
Maximum PCB Weight 3kg (6.6lb)
Top Side of PCB 50mm (2”)
Bottom Side of PCB 70mm (2.76”)
Panel Edge 3.5mm (0.14”)
Maximum PCB Warpage Compensation ±5mm (0.2")
PCB Transport Height 856mm - 965mm (33.7”x38”)
Installation Specification
Width 1060mm (3.5ft)
Depth 1352mm (4.4 ft)
Height 2028mm (6.7ft)
Weight ~830 kgs