V810i S2 XLL : Advanced 3D X-ray Inspection System (V810i S2 XLL)

Increased inspection coverage for large board up to 47.24" x 26" coupled with latest vision technologies.
advanced 3d x-ray inspection system (axi) v810i s2 xll
System V810i S2 Series
System controller Integrated controller with 8 Core Intel Xeon processors
Operating system Windows 10 (64 bits)
Test Development Environment
User interface Microsoft Windows based software solution with easy-to-use GUI and password-protected user levels
Off-line test development software Optional for off-line PC
CAD conversion tool Support 4 different types of CAD in V810i software and optional software available to translate other CAD data to ViTrox's format
Typical test development time 4 hours to 1.5 days to convert raw CAD file and develop application
Line Integration
Transport heights 865 mm - 1025 mm
Line communication standard SMEMA, HERMES
Barcode readers Compatible with most industry standard barcode readers
Performance Parameters *
Typical image acquisition rate 51.68 cm2/sec (8 in2/sec) at 19um
False Call rate 500 - 1000 ppm
Minimum features detection capability
Joint pitch1 0.3 mm and above
Short width2 0.045 mm
Solder thickness 0.0127 mm
Allowable Panel Characteristics ** V810i S2 XLL
Maximum PCB Size (L x W) 1200.0 mm x 660.4 mm (47.24"x26")
Minimum PCB Size (L x W) 76.2 mm x 76.2 mm (3" x 3" )
Maximum PCB inspectable area 1200.0 mm x 654.4 mm (47.24"x25.7")
Maximum PCB thickness 12.7 mm (500 mils)
Minimum PCB thickness 0.5 mm (20 mils)
PCB warp Downside < 3.3 mm; Upside < 3.3 mm
Maximum PCB weight 15kg
Top Clearance of PCB 50 mm @ 19 µm resolution
31 mm @ 15 µm resolution
13 mm @ 11 µm resolution
31 mm @ 10 µm resolution#
13 mm @ 7.5 µm resolution#
(Calculated from Board Top surface)
Bottom Clearance of PCB 80 mm
PCB edge clearance 3 mm
100% Press-fit testability Yes (With PSP2 / PSP2.1 feature)
PCB Temperature 40 Deg C
Power and Environmental
Power Supplies 200 – 240 VAC three phase; 380 – 415 VAC three phase wye (+/- 5) (50Hz or 60Hz)
Air requirement 552kPA (80psi)
System footprint (Width X Depth X Height) 2695 mm x 2460 mm x 1980 mm
Total system weight ~6700 kgs
1. Panels are handled on width edges. Panels with edge cut outs may require the use of a carrier.
2. Maximum panel size dimensions and weight must include carrier if applicable
3. Smaller panels are possible with the use of panel carriers.
4. With panels of this thickness, imaging results can be affected by PCBA layout.
5. Measured from the bottom of the panel including a maximum warp.

1. Assuming pad width is 50% of pitch.
2. The reported values for minimum feature detection assume that the feature is in a single plane of focus and that there are no X-ray absorbers in the X-ray path or in the immediate area of the feature other than those found in a typical multi-layer printed circuit board.

#2x2 binning camera configuration. Hardware upgrade is required on old system.