VR20i G2 - An Auto Light Source Conversion feature is going to be launched!

Do you know that ViTrox is going to introduce a new inspection solution - VR20i G2? Are you ready for it? Here is some sneak peeks of the solution that comes with many innovative technology features.

Posted on December 29, 2020

First, what are the technology features? For sure, this is the first question that pops out from your mind. No worries, ViTrox will not hesitate to tell you all about its auto light source conversion mechanism in the features. Besides, it consists of multiple groups of light sources for different semiconductor packages. If you are bored with the manual changeover process, the auto light source conversion will be able to auto-trigger convert-by-recipe level. ViTrox is confident that this solution will lend you a helping hand in the process.

What the users can receive and be beneficial?

The most important element is Flexibility as it caters to different types of package inspections, namely MEMs devices, conventional black mold packages and WLCSP packages which able to support your high mix low volume of the manufacturing requirements nowadays. Different packages can be optimized with the multiple groups of light sources and the individual lighting to maximize the inspection capability.

This auto light source conversion system performs in second which significantly increases the production efficiency. The auto light source conversion system auto-triggers within recipe level with the help of our in-house light source controller.

The automation further prevents and eliminates the human error caused by the manual work on the machine. The quality of the produced products will be maintained at a much higher level than manual inspection.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact our ViTrox experts. They will serve you with full efforts.

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