Back-end Semiconductor Inspection

Pioneering Quality in Reel-to-reel Inspection with the Latest A.I. Enhancements!

VR20i G2 is no exception. Designed for reel-to-reel inspection with tape width ranging from 8 mm to 32 mm, this advanced vision handler redefines the way you approach automation, flexibility and productivity.

Significantly Reduce Escapees in Your Wafer Inspection with ViTrox’s Pixel-Level Defect Detection Algorithm!

Smart Threshold detects and analyses small variations of abnormalities in wafers, ensuring accurate inspection results without over-rejection or under-rejection.

新一代综合晶圆视检方案 Wi8i G2 PRO


Wi8i G2 | 晶圆视检系统引领半导体行业解决方案


Elevate Your OCR Inspection with A.I. Adoption

Looking for a smarter, faster and more accurate way to conduct packaging inspections in your semiconductor manufacturing process? ViTrox's Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is the answer you have been searching for!

Discover ViTrox’s Latest and Advanced Wafer Inspection Solution – the Wi8i G2 PRO!

With the combination of cutting-edge wafer handling mechanisms and robust wafer vision inspection, our latest Wafer Inspection Solution is guaranteed to solve your production pain points!

Explore the Exciting Features of A.I. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) OCR technology that is implemented in ViTrox’s TH3000i & TR3000i Tray-based vision solution. The A.I. OCR is trained by using large sets of data.

The Brand New Advanced 3D BGA & Package Inspection System

Cater the stringent need required for 3D Ball Grid Array (BGA) inspection in order to cope with the expected market growth in the semiconductor industry.

Flexibility to Support Various Types of Packages

This will greatly impact the cost incurred as well as require a longer lead time to complete multiple inspections.

Improve the productivity by up to 50% With Minimal Cost

Through process optimization, it helps to improve manufacturing efficiency and ultimately enhances productivity.

Maximises Production Throughput with Easy and Fast Carrier Tape Width Auto Conversion

Nothing will stop a production line faster than carrier cover tape sizes that don't accommodate adequately. The problem is complex because the carrier tapes widely used by manufacturers come in many different sizes.

No More Sending Another Defect From Your Production

Auto reject labelling feature allows you to automate the process to identify the rejected device location after the vision inspection

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to Prevent Mixed Devices in Production with VR20i Post Seal Inspection Vision Handler

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a software technology that electronically identifies and converts text images into machine-encoded text forms to be used for data processing that can be searched, indexed and retrieved.

Wi8i G2's New Inspection Algorithm for Precise Defect Detection

The Wi8i G2 Wafer Vision Inspection Handler is designed to support 2D surface defect inspections and metrology for a variety of wafer forms, including raw wafer, hoop ring wafer, and framed wafer, ranging from 100 mm (4") to 300 mm (12").

VR20i G2 - The New Launch of 2nd Generation of VR20i Post Seal Vision Handler

VR20i G2 is here to improve your production line with Quality Consistency, Operation Cost and Time Reduction!

Upgrade Your Machine With ViTrox Latest Tray-Based Vision Solutions: TR3000i

ViTrox’s latest TR3000i Tray-to-Tape & Reel Vision Inspection Handler is the new generation of machine vision inspection solutions to support emerging industries such as 5G, IoT, Automotive, Industry 4.0, etc

VR20i G2 - An Auto Light Source Conversion feature is going to be launched!

Do you know that ViTrox is going to introduce a new inspection solution - VR20i G2? Are you ready for it? Here is some sneak peeks of the solution that comes with many innovative technology features.

Vision System: Microcrack Inspection is Ready to Enhance Quality

Still using traditional ways of inspection? ViTrox is thrilled to inform you that we are offering the latest vision inspection solution which is capable of detecting microcrack to enhance your product quality which cannot be achieved from the human eye!

New Generation of Wafer Inspection System Wi8i G2 is here!

As mentioned in the August issue, we will bring you a sneak peek of the product breakthrough - New Generation of Wafer Vision Inspection Solution Wi8i G2!

Datamatrix Code: A Unique ID for Your Device

There are many ways to enhance your productivity with ViTrox Machine Vision solutions. Did you know that the datamatrix code that used in the solution does more than assisting users to scan information and trace devices?

Vs3DBGAPP - The 3D Ball Grid Array Inspection System for Your Production Line

Looking for a compact size vision module for your inspection solution? Try ViTrox’s 3D Ball Grid Array Inspection System (Vs3DBGAPP)

V5 - The BRAND NEW Platform For Machine Vision System

ViTrox is offering the BRAND NEW Machine Vision System Platform Generation 5, also known as V5!

TH3000i : The Latest Tray to Tray IC Inspection Handler Solution For Your Inspection

TH3000i is designed to support a wide range of package sizes. Additionally, this solution can handle multiple complex and concurrent 3D, 2D and 5-sided vision inspection requirements for current and foreseeable future tray-to-tray semiconductor IC device inspection needs.

The New SWIR Solution For Your Production

Normal visible light wavelength ranges from 380 ~ 780 nanometers (nm), where humans can respond to or see. SWIR light is invisible or nonvisible with a wavelength of 1000 ~ 1700 nm.

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